Historical Sights

Häme is full of history! Travel along the historical ox-road from Turku to the medieval Häme Castle. Marvel at the ancient sacrificial stones or climb the top of an old hillfort and admire the beautiful Häme landscape. You can dine or stay the night in the old manors or visit all the medieval stone churches in Häme. Meet the historic Häme at these destinations!

The Middle Ages come alive in Häme region

Häme was already inhabited in the Stone Age, and as a result, the area contains plenty of historically significant sites. The ruins of Hakoinen Castle date from the Middle Ages, possibly as far back as the 13th century. The historical Häme Castle is one of the three largest medieval castles in Finland. The Ox Road of Häme running from Turku to Hämeenlinna is one of the oldest historical roads in Finland. Häme is also home to many old churches, such as the Holy Cross Church in Hattula, the shingle-roofedlog church Santa Pirjo in Loppi and the valuable Tammela Granite Church from the 16th century.

Experience living history during events

The Häme Medieval Festival is the largest medieval festival in Finland and it is organised in Linnanpuisto Park in Hämeenlinna. The Hakkapeliitta event, on the other hand, will whisk you off to 17th century Tammela. A horseback tournament is organised in Hämeenlinna in spring, and if you have never heard of buhurt, you should definitely visit the Vanaja Tournament, where you can learn more about the full contact fighting sport practised with medieval equipment. Take an enchanting journey through time in Häme!

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