First, there was a river

The story of Forssa began in the Spinning Mill Area, where the swedish-born Axel Wahren founded the spinning mill in 1847 beside River Loimijoki. It grew rapidly into Forssa Company, with mills for spinning, dyeing, weaving, and printing textile. Soon Forssa became one of the leading industrial spots in Finland.

Spinning Mill Area – the centre of history and culture

The Spinning Mill Area is a diverse location of interest for visitors. The area has been renovated into a vibrant cultural and educational centre. You can visit museums like Forssa Museum and Museum of Natural History, and exhibition rooms Gallery Moletti and Vinkkeli. The area contains the City Library, Art School and the Music School, University of Applied Sciences, and the local Community College. Visitors can also admire the Kuhalankoski rapids and the green landscape, which brings together the historic red brick factory architecture, as well as the english-style park that borders it.

History of Forssa has been honoured by renovating old buildings like Finland’s oldest cinema, the Elävienkuvien Teatteri (Theatre of Moving Pictures) in the heart of the city. Today the theatre is fully digitized, and it offers weekly shows. Annual Silent Film Festival is held at the end of August.
Stories of local history are in the Ronttismäki Workers House Museum that showcase the living conditions and lifestyle of local industrial workers and craftsmen starting from the 1880s.

Hustle and bustle

Today Forssa is the busy centre of the region’s commercial life and services. During the summer market days, the town centre is full of hustle and bustle, and various events draw people from far and wide. The town hosts annually the famous Forssan Holjat town festival, TyykiBlues music event, Pick Nick vintage car show, Forssan Suvi-ilta marathon event, The International Silent Film Festival, and many other smaller events.

At Pilvenmäki Trotting Race Centre, you can experience the thrill of horse racing. In 2021 Pilvenmäki hosted the largest horse race event in Finland, called Kuninkuusravit.

Indoor and outdoor activities

Forssa is widely known as a sporting town. One of the attractions is Viihdeuimala Vesihelmi Waterpark, where you can spend hours splashing around in the bubbles, waves and slides. For outdoor swimming you have plenty of different beaches to choose from. Some of the beaches are also open for winter swimming enthusiasts.

In Forssa, you can choose also from various other outdoor activities; beach volley, disc golf, riding, skiing, cycling, cross-training, parkour, canoeing, playing tennis.. or explore beautiful recreational area of Saari Folk Park with hiking trails, an observation tower and beaches. Two National Parks are located also just around the corner. Professional nature quides operate in the region, with services for different activities.

Forssa is also known for its beautiful parks.  Forssa’s 110 parks around the town make sure that you can enjoy the town life at your own pace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend a summer day pickicking in the park? The Forssa National Urban Park is one of nine National Urban Parks in Finland. Following the riverside, its history tells about the fast change from the countryside environment into an industrialized centre in just a century.

Local flavors and soft dreams

In the city centre, you’ll find plenty of restaurants to choose from. Most options can be found especially on weekdays and during lunch hours. There are chances to choose locally sourced foods, organic products, international cuisine, or traditional food from the region. Fresh, delicious, and prepared by professionals. Small brewery is also situated in the city, and own local ice cream is produced.

Forssa has four hotels, a motel, cottages and small apartments. You can choose whether you want to wake up in a hotel for ready-made breakfast setting, or enjoy the silence and privacy in a cottage.

Welcome to visit the Bright Green Forssa!

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