Nature Sights

Hike in the Liesjärvi National Park and explore the cultural landscape of Häme. Admire the rough swamp landscape in the Torronsuo National park, the deepest swap in Finland, which is like a small piece of Lapland. During the winter you can do skiing trips through swamp scene. In Hämeenlinna you can walk along the beautiful lakeside route in Finland’s first National urban park spreading over the shores of Vanajavesi. Explore the historically rich Varikonniemi, have a picnic in castle park or admire the pavilions in Aulanko. You can also experience the forests of Aulanko by bike or go canoing on the lake Vanaja. Rental equipment for all kinds of activities are also available. In addition to the national parks, Häme is filled with a variety of magnificent nature attractions. You can walk through the nature trails in the woods and on the shores of forest ponds in Evo hiking area, where beavers and lynxes live. Hike or bike on the Poronpolku which is a part of stunning Komio nature reserve. Ahvenisto nature park offers a lot of activities but also peaceful nature trails. Along the Häme Ilvesreitti you can find these and many other wonderful nature sights. Explore the National Parks.

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