Riihimäki is the hometown of culture, robotics and encounters

The spirit of Riihimäki is based on an interesting history, the foundation of which is the railway, the garrison and the glass industry. The city is especially known for its glass and glass blowing. The unique atmosphere of the park-like Hyttikortti is reminiscent of a bygone era and a residential area for glass workers of that time, which has remained largely unchanged. There are also active glass studios in the area today.

Riihimäki has a unique museum center. One of the tourist attractions is the Finnish Museum of Glass, which holds the status of a national responsibility museum. In addition, the city houses a museum of hunting, art and the city. Explore historic Riihimäki with guided tours organized by the city.

Many professional actors and performers have put their limelight on Riihimäki Youth Theater. Youth theater educators include Janne Kataja, Aku Hirviniemi and Niina Lahtinen. The performances of Riihimäki Theater will be viewed further afield. The theater can also be enjoyed at the summer theater and on the restaurant stages.

Riihimäki’s Wildlife Fair has been visited by more than a million visitors since 1972. The International Wilderness Fair is Finland’s oldest and largest wilderness event. Every two years active hunting, fishing, and hiking enthusiasts gather to hear the latest news from the industry, meet experts and acquaintances in the industry. Riihimäki offers accommodation in two different hotels, which also offer good meeting facilities.

Riihimäki’s hometown atmosphere comes from everyday encounters. Popular events like Riihimäki Easter, Granit Square summer gigs or winter events make people come together and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the small town. Also worth mentioning is the summer oasis of Riihimäki people, where you can also enjoy the views of the Vesilinna observation tower.

Riihimäki is a hometown whose residents appreciate easy everyday life and the comfort of living. At the same time, it is the core of technology, as the only city in Finland that all children attend robotics education from pre-school to high school. Riihimäki High School and Adult High School are robotics-focused educational institutions. Opportunities are created for students to participate in international robotics events and competitions. Riihimäki has also gained international reputation in teaching robotics. From the beginning of January 2020, Riihimäki will provide robotics training tours for groups.

Riihimäki is a dense and communal city; more than 90 % of the inhabitants of Riihimäki live within a three kilometer radius of the railway station, where people travel in different directions more than one million times a year. There are 70 daily train connections to the metropolitan area. It takes about 20 minutes to Hämeenlinna and 45 minutes to Lahti. Indeed, thousands of workers commute from Riihimäki to work elsewhere, and the city also offers plenty of jobs for those from elsewhere. Even Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is around half an hour away.

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