Discover Hausjärvi by train!

Authentic locality, rural landscapes, and pure nature. Hausjärvi is close to the cities, but conveniently in the peace of nature. Come and experience closeness to nature, summer dances at Kolmilammi, or start a new hobby by playing frisbee golf at Ykslammi! – Only an hour from the metropolitan area!

Hausjärvi combines a relaxed lifestyle with an active village life. Hausjärvi is located close to the cities but it is still surrounded by pure nature. Hausjärvi’s cultural surroundings and the Salpausselkä ridge offer a perfect setting for diverse leisure activies.

Hausjärvi is a historically significant area because of the first school in Finland. It was established in 1856. The only wooden church of Häme is situated in Hausjärvi. It was built in 1788. Hausjärvi’s local history museum and Koskela located near the church, are rotated by Hausjärvi-seura.

Cultural experiences in Hausjärvi

A summer cafe located in Hietoinen is called Mommilan kyläpuoti. There are many products sold from local producers, such as meat and handicrafts. The cafe also sells all kinds of retro products; toys, jars, tools, dishes, etc. All products for sale are genuinely old. The unique village shop museum has items from almost a hundred years ago.

The atmospheric and historical milieu of Lepolan talo provides a special experience with its distinctive service. The shop sells organic products from local producers. Bistro is open on the weekends – check the opening hours from their website. Lepolan talo offers catering and event planning for all kinds of different events, from meetings to weddings.

Miinan monttu is a cultural centre surrounded by nature. The open-air theater has got its name from an old lady who lived in the village of Turkhauta. The stage of the theater, the stand, and the shelter are all built by volunteers who live in Hausjärvi. Miinan monttu is a great place to watch and listen theater shows and music conserts.

Summer dances are held every Sunday in Ryttylä – welcome to Kolmilammi! The dance pavilion is surrounded by three ponds and its cafe is known for its high quality and diverse cake offerings. One of the ponds is located right next to the pavilion and there is also a possibility to swim.

Nature experiences in Hausjärvi

The dream place for an active exercicer – Yksilammi in Ryttylä! In summer swimmers enjoy the pond, and in winter bold ones swim in the hole in the ice. The campfire place next to the pond is open around the year. Outdoor routes in the variable terrain also serve around the year, in winter there are also well maintained ski trails. Nature trail of Kakslammi was opened in the summer of 2020. There is also a frisbee golf track situated in the nature reserve, outdoor exercice equipments, and the longest fitness stairs in Hausjärvi.

Valkjärvi is a popular swimming place in Puujaa. People travel even around the province to enjoy swimming in Valkjärvi. The water is shallow and suitable for children. There are also places to change your clothes, outdoor toilets and a campfire place. Puujoki in Oitti is also a popular place to swim. The beach is suitable for children too. There are also outdoor toilets, a campfire place and a place to change your clothes.



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