Hämeenlinna is located in the demographic centre point of Finland, at the intersection of highways between Helsinki and Tampere. Arriving in Hämeenlinna could not be easier – whether you come by train, bus or car!  


As the oldest inland town in Finland, Hämeenlinna is full of things to see and experience. It offers a unique blend of new and old, nature and culture, urban sceneries and countryside landscapes – all in perfect harmony. You are welcome to explore and stay for a longer time.  

Linnanniemi exudes the history of Häme 

A unique complex has been built around the medieval Häme Castle, which is located in a park-like setting on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi, just a ten-minute walk from the city centre. Linnanpuisto castle park with its playgrounds is a popular recreational area. Charming walking trails follow the beautiful shores of Lake Vanajavesi, and from Linnanniemi, you can continue to the Kaupunginpuisto park, from where you can reach Aulanko along the railway bridge.   


Linnanniemi is also a unique complex of three museums that is open all year round. Häme Castle, a landmark in the area, is one of the most magnificent medieval castles in Finland, and the best preserved brick castle in the Nordic countries. The colossal red-brick castle, Museo Militaria and the Prison with their surroundings form an impressive complex where history comes alive in many ways.   

Nature close to you  

Nature is just a short distance away in Hämeenlinna, and it is no coincidence that the first national urban park in Finland has been established in Hämeenlinna. Our popular hiking areas, Ahvenisto and Aulanko, are located in the city area, and Evo is only about thirty minutes away.  


The Aulanko area with its attractions is a gem of Hämeenlinna, offering visitors unique nature experiences and opportunities for active leisure. It is no wonder that Aulanko has been a popular tourist attraction since 1883 and attracts more than 400,000 visitors to the area each year.  


The sports and outdoor centre located in Ahvenistonharju was built for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. The name Olympiapuisto park, which was given later, is a reminder of this history, and locals also use the name “Appara” to refer to the same place. There is plenty of room for recreation and active exercise in Ahvenisto. The area’s lighted walking trails, climbing park, gorgeous sandy beach, outdoor swimming pool and beach volleyball courts invite you to relax. 


The Evo area is one of the largest forest areas in Southern Finland. Travellers in the Evo Hiking Area have  in total about 8,500 hectares of land available, where to hike on marked trails, and stay overnight in lean-tos, or on sites reserved for camping. 

Iittala Village

Iittala in Hämeenlinna is known as the village of handicrafts, design, and art that is visited by more than 100,000 domestic and international visitors each year, enriching the life of the whole village. 

Located along the Helsinki-Tampere motorway, Iittala is easy to get to. Iittala is 15 minutes from Hämeenlinna, 30 minutes from Tampere and just over an hour from Helsinki. You can also reach Iittala by train as the village is crowned by its own train station – The first themed railway station in Finland, the Iittala Art Station – which is an attraction in its own right. 

Cultural city

Hämeenlinna is an authentic cultural city whose beating heart is Verkatehdas, one of Europe’s largest cultural centres built in an old factory milieu. In addition to visual arts, music and theatre, Verkatehdas offers space for numerous creative professionals and operators. 


The city centre is also home to the main exhibition space of the Hämeenlinna Art Museum and City Museum, Skogster Museum, the upper floor of which features the oldest Savings Bank Museum exhibition in the Nordic countries. At the birthplace of Sibelius, you can explore the childhood and adolescence of the national composer, and the Palander House home museum presents the lifestyle of a bourgeois family 100 years ago. Also, do not forget about the numerous smaller specialty and local museums.  

On the waves of Lake Vanajavesi  

The Vanajavesi body of water is one of the most spectacular lake areas in Finland, where cruise experiences start right from Hämeenlinna’s city centre. The waterway, praised for its beauty, takes tourists past the medieval Häme Castle and the Aulanko ridge landscape to enjoy the enchantment of lush green scenery and good services.   

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