Sustainable Travel

Responsibility in Kanta-Häme 

 Nature is a central element in Häme, and taking care of it is particularly important to us. Responsibility for our region includes at least the following: Promoting locality, keeping our environment clean and ensuring the transparency of operations. Visiting our region is no guilty pleasure! 

 How you can do your part for responsibility  

The climate diet website has information on climate impacts, and Sitra has a tool for checking your lifestyle: a threat or an opportunity? Test the sustainability of your lifestyle and make a Sustainable Lifestyle Commitment on the Commitment2050 website. On the Visit Finland website, you can make a pledge to respect Finnish nature and culture. We hope that as many people as possible become responsible travellers and take the sustainability pledge. Take the pledge here! 

Sustainable Travel Finland label  

 Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland programme to raise awareness of sustainable tourism. 

 Visit Häme is also involved in the Sustainable Travel Finland programme and we are committed to adhering to the principles of sustainable tourism, which include fair cooperation, caring for nature, respect for cultural heritage, development of well-being, human rights and equality, favouring local products and services, investing in safety and quality, taking climate impacts into account, openly communicating about responsibility and developing responsible operations. We encourage all tourism businesses in Häme to pay attention to responsibility and to promote sustainable tourism. 

 Companies with the Sustainable Travel Finland label 

 We are proud to say that four companies in our region have already received the Sustainable Travel Finland label, which means that these companies are genuinely responsible and sustainable. Local companies that have earned the STF label: 

Visit Häme promotes responsible tourism in Häme 

We in Häme have taken a variety of measures to promote responsibility and sustainability, for example by committing to the principles of sustainable tourism. Find more examples of our concrete measures below. Read more about Visit Häme promoting sustainable travel.  

 Examples of responsibility measures in Häme 

#Vastuullisuustekohäme campaign from 25 January to 21 February 2021
Sustainable measures taken by tourism companies in Häme were published by the #Vastuullisuustekohäme campaign on the campaign website and on the Visit Häme social media channels. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage entrepreneurs to share information about their sustainability while raising awareness of responsibility among travellers. 

Responsible traveller’s checklist 

Travel and tourism always involves environmental impacts when people travel between different destinations. On the flip side, tourism brings vitality to the travel destination. A responsible traveller looks for information and makes choices after careful consideration. Read 10 sustainable travel tips in Finland by Visit Finland. 

Read more about responsible travellers.

Litter-free Häme 

Visit Häme participated in the 2021 annual World Cleanup Day aimed to clean up litter from nature. We also regularly do digital cleanups and strive to reduce the amount of light pollution. 

Our region has many hiking options for locals and tourists alike. Hiking in nature carries a responsibility to keep the environment clean for the people living here and for the next visitors as well. We have created the principles of litter-free hiking; read more in the link below. Let’s keep nature clean! 

Read more about litter free Häme.

Sustainable design  

Recycling has a big role at the Iittala glass factory – the largest glass factory in the Nordic countries and the only one in Finland. In 2019, the Iittala glass factory was one of the first industrial glass manufacturers to produce glass items using 100% recycled glass by using waste glass. Waste glass is a by-product of processes like glass-blowing. Using waste glass saves energy and natural resources. All waste glass is put to good use at the Iittala glass factory. Read more about sustainability in Iittala.


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