Are you travelling with a tent or moving around by a motorhome or caravan? In Häme region you can find campsites and other accommodations that rent places to stay for caravans!

Camping and Caravaning in Häme

When camping or travelling by motorhome or caravan, it is also easy to move around in a wider area and change places to stay in. In Häme, you can also find several campsites where you can stay in a tent, cottage, motorhome or caravan. Campsites also often offer a variety of services for travelers, such as a restaurant, sauna, shower facilities, and many times other activities as well. The campsites often host various events in summer time, which you can attend. If you can’t find enough to do at the campsite, you can look for activities in the nearby area as well. Read more about Caravaning and Camping in Finland.