Unique Accommodation

Are you looking for experiences and a unique accommodation? Walk through the gardens of the old mansions or relax in the peace of the countryside at a farmstead. Or would you like an idyllic bed and breakfast instead?

Unique accommodation in Häme

In Häme you can find a number of unique accommodations. Along with farm accommodation, the stunning mansions offer an alternative to a traditional hotel night. Get quality and personalized service, as well as the opportunity to relax in the privacy of the countryside. Unique accommodation can also be found in city centers and in the immediate vicinity. If you’re looking for a more personalized accommodation during your tirp, I’m sure you’ll find one in Häme region. Some sites also have all kinds of things to do, and hosts will certainly advise on finding activities in the local area. You can also browse activities in the area in advance.

Atmospheric countryside

Unique accommodation can be located in the countryside or in the city, but most mansions are located in the countryside as well as, of course, farm accommodation. Rural accommodation is full of experiences for city dwellers, especially children. You can follow farmhouse work, maybe get yourself to try, say, weaving a loom or to relax your muscles by chopping up sauna trees. There are domestic animals in the courtyard and a peaceful silence in the surrounding nature. In addition, the Häme countryside is a landscape of culturally historical significance. We have gathered our gorgeous unique accommodations below, find the perfect one for you and have an unforgettable holiday in Häme!