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Hattula is an excellent holiday destination offering a combination of history, culture and nature just an hour’s drive from Helsinki and Tampere. The principal town Parola is situated between two lakes and just off the main highway that links Helsinki to Tampere via Hämeenlinna

It is here you’ll find the Church of the Holy Cross, the oldest church in the Häme province, and one of considerable historic importance. Unique in having been built entirely of brick, rather than stone or timber, this medieval monument was constructed sometime between 1472 and 1490, and was a popular site of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages. It continues today to attract visitors from around the world, and from around Finland, who travel to see its famous lime paint frescoes.  

History Buffs’ Dream – The Parola Armour Museum 

Not far away, the Parola Armoured Museum is a must-visit site for any war-history buffs. It boasts Finland’s most extensive collection of tanks, armoured vehicles and anti-tank guns used by the Finnish Defence Forces throughout their history. The museum features a fine café and souvenir store. There is also the Armoured Brigade, Finnish Army training unit near of the Parola Armoured Museum. 

Close by the Armour Museum you’ll find Hattula Golf, a 9-hole parkland course that features a small, elongated lake as well as challenging changes in elevation. The clubhouse is well equipped to serve both small and large groups, with top class meeting and sauna facilities. Hattula has also a fine DiscGolf Park for frisbee enthusiasts, the largest of its kind in Finland, with 18 ‘holes’ over almost 2 km in length. The brand new multipurpose Juteini centre, named for the famous Finnish nationalist Jaako Juteini, features an outdoor park, a sports park for the kids, and excellent indoor facilities for sports like volleyball, badminton, and floorball.  

The other popular destination in Hattula is nearby Lepaa with its impressive Lepaa Manor House and Lepaa Country Winery. The HistoricLepaa Manor is surrounded by beautiful parks and lovely yellow buildings. Visitors are encouraged to wander through these impressive parklands and gardens, which are a delight for all, not just keen gardeners and horticulturalists. Visits to Lepaa Country Winery have become a popular day tour destination. Today, some of finest Finnish berry wines are produced there, and visitors are invited to partake in daily wine tastings, or even take a guided tour of the winery’s production plant and cellars.  

Lepaa is also known for Lepaa Manor. It has been recently opened for tourists, and offers charming accommodation options, a lovely restaurant for dining, and activities such as golf, frisbee golf, cycling, kayaking, or cycling. 

In Hattula there is also Inkala Manor, a delightful and charming manor home. Inkala Manor is famous for its traditional country-kitchen.

A little further on from Lepaa lies the Petäys Resort, a luxury leisure centre on the shores of Lake VanajavesiPetäys Resort includes a hotela number ofsaunas (including the mobile Zetor Sauna!), excellent conference and meeting facilities, its own guest harbour, and access to all the activities in the area. 

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