Hotel options in Häme region

Are you planning a city break in Häme region? After an active day it’s good to rest and enjoy good service in the hotels in our area. Here you can see the wide hotel selection in Häme!

A wide variety of hotels in Häme

Häme offers a wide variety of hotels where you can find a hotel for your own needs. There are chain and private hotels in the city centers. In addition, in the peace of the countryside, private hotels can be found in the middle of nature in a beautiful milieu. So, you can combine a city break with the peace of nature, by choosing a hotel a little bit further from the city center. Restaurants in hotels serve delicious flavours from Häme and the rest of the world. Many hotels offer things to do and rent, for example, bikes for tours. During a hotel holiday, you can explore local culture, go around historical sites, hike in nature or participate in various events. There are many kinds of activities in Häme!

TOP 10 sights in Häme