TOP 10 Places to visit in Häme

Häme is full of interesting things to see and do. We brought together the top 10 places to visit in Häme.  These are a must see!

1. Häme Castle

The historical Häme Castle is one of the three largest medieval castles in Finland. You can sense the history in the narrow castle corridors and gorgeous lounges, sheltered by thick walls. Traces of life from different eras appear on the walls and the castle also hides exciting stories. The castle hosts various events, workshops and special tours. You can also organize your own party in the castle halls! Häme Castle offers an unforgettable experience for all ages. In the castle peninsula you will also find the interesting Prison and the Museum Militaria, which you can visit with a combined ticket.


In the castle you can admire and even try the knights’ armor.


Häme Castle was built of red brick in the Middle Ages.


In the yard of the castle you can feel the atmosphere of the past times.

2. Torronsuo National Park

The beautiful bare swamp scenery can be admired in Tammela, Torronsuo National Park. The deepest marshland in Finland has both long and short hiking trails for even the most inexperienced hiker. Wider boardwalks have also been made for the disabled. From the bird tower you can admire the wilderness and see different bird species. In winter, different lengths of ski trails run across the swamp.


The beautiful scenery of Torronsuo’s rugged landscape attracts hikers.


In winter, Torronsuo is like a small piece of Lapland. (photo: Erärenki / Jouni Palén)


Torronsuo is beautiful and atmospheric at all times of the year. (photo: Erärenki/ Jouni Palen)

3. Liesjärvi National Park

The lakes and forest landscapes of Liesjärvi National Park charm everyone hiking in the national park. Liesjärvi offers abundant fishing waters and you can harvest fresh mushrooms and berries from the forests. From Kyynärharju ridge between the two lakes you can admire the magnificent scenery. You can take part in traditional farm work on the Kortenniemi Heritage Farm in the National Park. Kortenniemi Heritage Farm presents the life of a 1910s park ranger’s estate.


In the Liesjärvi National Park you will experience spectacular scenery from Häme.


In Korteniemi heritage farm you can see farmlife.


You can also explore the Liesjärvi National Park by waterways.

4. Iittala Village

Iiittala Village is a capital of glass full of experiences. In the village you can spend the whole day admiring design, art and craftsmanship. At the Iittala glass factory, you can watch how the popular Aalto vase and many other beautiful glass products are created by glassblowers. You can get delicious handmade chocolates from Kultasuklaa chocolate factory and there are many other small craft shops in the area. The naive art exhibition delights with its colorful paintings. In the Design Museum you can learn about the history of glass blowing and glassware. At the Outlet, you can buy Iittala glassware or for example a Moomin mug!


The village of Iittala has a lot to see and do.


It is fascinating to watch the work of the glassblowers from the viewing balcony of the Iittala glass factory.


At Iittala Outlet you can buy great design products handmade by the glassblowers.

5. Aulanko

The Aulanko Nature Reserve, founded by Hugo Standertskjöld, offers spectacular outdoor trails past ponds and gazebos. From the Aulanko observation tower and the lookout platform you can admire the magnificent national landscape, Lake Aulanko and the Sibelius Forest. The Aulanko area also provides many activities. There are for example two golf courses, a climbing park and a spa hotel. Aulanko Outdoors offers nature activities in the water, in the woods and in hangouts.


The forests of Aulanko have many different walking trails past gazebos and forest ponds.


You can admire the Finnish national landscape from the top of the Aulanko observation tower.


The Aulanko also has many different activities and a lot to do for the whole family.

6. Finnish Glass Museum

You will experience the magic of glass in the Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki! The basic exhibition, designed by famous glassblower Tapio Wirkkala, introduces the visitor to the history of glass blowing and the magnificent glassware from the early days of the glass industry to the present day. The main exhibition features more than 2000 key Finnish glass designs. In addition to the regular exhibition, the museum has always changing exhibitions. In the Glass Museum you can also stop for coffee or a meal at the restaurant Klaas. Besides  to exploring the Glass Museum, you can visit the Hunting Museum or the glass studios nearby.


The Finnish Glass Museum was established on the premises of a former glass factory in Riihimäki.


The Glass Museum’s main exhibition displays the art of glassblowers.


In the Glass Museum you will learn about the history of glass blowing.

7. Birthplace of Jean Sibelius

Jean Sibelius, the Finnish national composer, was born in Hämeenlinna on December 8th 1865. Sibelius lived his childhood and youth in Hämeenlinna, studying in the Hämeenlinna Normal Lyceum and wandering in the forests of Aulanko and the shores of Vanajavesi, where he got inspiration for composing. The Birthplace of Sibelius is nowadays a museum, located in the center of Hämeenlinna. The museum displays furniture, objects, documents and photographs of Sibelius’s childhood. The museum also hosts concerts.


The Birthplace of Sibelius is located in the center of Hämeenlinna.


The Birthplace of Sibelius shows old instruments and often hosts concerts.iuksen syntymäkodissa pidetään


The birthplace of Sibelius is decorated in the style of Jean Sibelius’s childhood.

8. Iso-Melkutin

The incredibly clear-watered Iso-Melkutin is a popular lake among the divers in Loppi. The lake has several diving spots and visibility can be at best up to 8 meters. Under the surface you will find for example an underwater ridge, rock piles and fallen trees. You can also go snorkeling or just swim and enjoy the clear lake water. You can admire the magnificent Iso-Melkutin by hiking around the lake. The 7.1 km route is easy to hike and suitable for anyone.


Iso-Melkutin is a great destination for all ages, located in Loppi.


The clear-watered Lake Iso-Melkutin  is very popular among divers.


The hiking trail around the Iso-Melkutin is also suitable fot unexperienced hikers.

9. Forssa Spinning Mill area

The Forssa Spinning Mill area in the center of Forssa is full of culture and life. On the premises of the former cotton mill you will find a museum, a library, a bowling alley, boutiques as well as restaurants and cafes. The Häme University of Applied Sciences, the Music Institute, the School of Fine Arts and the Wahren College also operate in the Spinning Mill area. The area also hosts events. The National Board of Antiquities has identified the Spinning Mill area, together with the weaving mill one kilometer away, as a nationally constructed cultural environment.


The Spinning Mill area in the center of Forssa is now a cultural and educational center


Forssa Museum is one of the operators in Spinning Mill area.


Axel Wilhelm Wahren founded the spinning mill on the shore of Loimijoki River in 1849.

10. Marskin Maja

The former hunting lodge of late Marshal Mannerheim, the most famous military leader of Finland, now serves as a museum and on-demand restaurant in Loppi, on the shores of Lake Punelia. At the lodge you can feel the history in the middle of nature; It has served as a museum since 1959. At Marskin Maja you can rent a sauna or have a meal made of Mannerheim’s favorite foods in the restaurant. Marskin Maja is on the way of the hiking path Poronpolku, which is very popular among the hikers.


The hunting lodge Marshal Mannerheim is now a museum and restaurant in Loppi.


At Marskin Maja you can experience a piece of Finnish history at the heart of nature.


Marskin Maja is located in the middle of nature, along the popular Poronpolku hiking trail.