Humppila is a small, peaceful, safe and idyllic village in the center of the most beautiful Tavastia. A local hub for trade, Humppila is located at the crossroads of busy national roads. Craftsmanship is highly valued in Humppila, and the area houses several arts and crafts studios. In addition to shopping, Humppila offers an opportunity to experience a museum train trip and a visit to a local history museum.

Unique Humppila

Humppila has succeeded in what many small municipalities can only dream of. It is small in size but big by reputation. Humppila, situated between two major roads, has been a stopping point for many people, having popped into the shopping centre, established around the now disused glass factory, and by sharing their knowledge of what else is going on in Humppila. A long history of glass blowing has left its mark in the community, which has brought and generated diverse expertise in many and varied areas. Much interest is paid, especially, to the local cultural sector, and those who excel in handcerafts. Unique in many ways is the essence Humppila is known by. Humppila also offers some great experiences, for example, a ride on a museum train through the beautifully fertile South West Tavastia rural landscape.

Seeing and doing

While in Humppila, you can also take a journey into the past and learn about the living conditions in the olden days at Kauppila Yeoman’s Farm, and the Talvinen Old Workingman’s Home. Don’t forget to hop on the museum train that leaves from Humppila Station on the Museum Railway. Relax in a real smoke sauna “Viking Sauna”, and in other saunas. Bathe in a hot tube or swim in a small pond in Urpolan Kartano. See the art of Heljä Liukko-Sundström at Atelje Heljä, which is near the Armas Puolimatka memorial that she designed, and the rushing waters of Myllynkulma dam.

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