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Häme is a region of genuine flavours and that’s a great reason to take your very own tasting tour. Try some fish from Vanaja, locally farmed beef, clean vegetables, wines, home-brewed Sahti beer, delicious berries, masterpieces from a confectioner, real honey, and the creations of a chocolatier. Also, from many farms, you can buy local products.

Häme region’s food starts with ingredients that come from fertile, well-managed fields, clean waters and forests, that are combined with the skills and creativity needed to produce food to nourish our body and soul. Sit back and enjoy our wide range of restaurant options, we’re at your service and ready to fulfill your dreams.

The menus of Häme region’s restaurants and cafés offer famous international delicacies and the finest Finnish dishes made with locally produced ingredients, game and fish. The official delicacy of the region is the Sibelius cake, which was created at the request of the Sibelius Society of Finland in 1987. This refined treat is made with fresh raspberry cream, chocolate mousse and cognac. Just choose a restaurant that strikes your fancy and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience in Häme region!

Enjoy delicious flavours in Häme

Häme is the home of genuine and versatile flavours. Most restaurants will have delicacies made with local and wild ingredients on their menu. You can buy locally produced food to take home from the farm shops in the area. You can pick berries and mushrooms, or take a row boat out to the lake and do some fishing or catch some crayfish. Source your own ingredients and prepare a meal in the tutelage of a professional chef! Don’t forget to pop by the atmospheric coffee houses and sample the fresh delicacies of local bakeries.

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