There are 785 lakes in Kanta-Häme! The total number of water bodies is 507 km2. The largest lake, Vanajavesi, runs from the Janakkala border through Hämeenlinna, and Hattula to Valkeakoski. You can travel by lake boat from Hämeenlinna all the way to Tampere. The largest lakes in the province also include Lake Kukkia, Lake Kuohijärvi, Lake Iso-Roine and Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Häme is the gateway to the Finnish Lakeland

Häme, the heart of southern Finland, is the gateway to the Finnish Lakeland. The lakes, rivers and ponds offer countless opportunities for relaxation and leisure time activities all year. Paddle along the river across the Häme region, or go tour skating on the lake in winter. The clear and clean waters in Häme also offer excellent swimming and diving opportunities.

Experiences on the waves

In addition to traveling by inland waterway, there are other experiences along the Häme waters. Spend an unforgettable evening in a jacuzzi of a floating sauna, or row a church boat on the waves of Vanaja. Canoeing can be done on the numerous canoeing trails, or you can rent a SUP board and slide along the lake surface with sunlight glistening on the waves. Or would you dare to try wakeboarding? In Häme, you can also rent your own lake for the day and enjoy the peace of nature on the deck of Jalolautta.

Summer day at the beach

There are many swimming beaches on the shores of lakes in Häme, where you can make the most of a hot summer day. One of the most popular swimming spots is Ahvenistonjärvi, in the shelter of Ahvenistonharju. It was one of the competition locations for the 1952 Olympics. In addition to the beach, Ahvenisto has an outdoor swimming pool, spectacular jogging trails, public sauna and a climbing park. In Riihimäki you can also go swimming in the outdoor swimming pool or at the Hirvijärvi beach, where there is also a nature trail. At Linikkalanlampi beach in Forssa, you can jump in the refreshing water from the jumping tower, and in Tammela, near the Häme Nature Center, you can enjoy a summer day in the peace of nature at the Ruostejärvi beach.

A diver’s paradise

The incredibly clear-watered Iso-Melkutin is a popular lake among the divers in Loppi. The lake has several diving spots and visibility can be at best up to 8 metres. Under the surface, you will find, for example, an underwater ridge, rock piles and fallen trees. You can also go snorkeling or just swim and enjoy the clear lake water. You can admire the magnificent Iso-Melkutin by hiking around the lake. The 7.1 km route is easy to hike and suitable for anyone.

Fishy waters are waiting

The waters of Häme are also great fishing spots! You can go on an organized fishing trip with a guide or angling on the shore, while admiring the lakeland landscape. There are also rapids in Häme, where you can go fishing, for example in Loppi and Hauho. For crab lovers, the waters of Häme offer generous catches of crabs. Tips for the best fishing spots can be found on the Vanajavesikeskus fishing site. Remember the fishing permits!

Wintertime on Häme waterways

When the temperature turns cold and lakeland freezes over, you can try your luck in ice fishing. On sunny frosty days, the icy lakes gather walkers, skiers and skaters for outdoor activities. You can skate on almost any lake’s natural ice, the ready-made skating tracks can be found at least on the ice of Lake Alajärvi in ​​Hämeenlinna and on Lake Pyhäjärvi in Tammela. The bravest jump into the open hole in the ice of the lake in winter. Ice swimming spots can be found at Ahvenisto and Aulangonjärvi in Hämeenlinna, and Ryttylä in Hausjärvi. Do you dare to refresh yourself and swim among the ice?

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