If you are seeking for pampering and relaxation, Häme also offers wellness services. Take a dip in the warm waters of a spa or enjoy refreshing facial at a day spa. Slow down in Häme and feel good in the following destinations.

Wellbeing for body and soul

There is plenty to do for all active people in Häme. You can participate in organised sports activities or go at your own pace in nature and on the water. If you want to try something else in addition to traditional hiking, visit the climbing park and enjoy the forest from a new vantage point in the treetops. In summer, you can take a dip in the lake, and winter provides an opportunity to venture into the hole in the ice. You can enjoy a hot tub in both Aulanko and Forssa and go dancing at one of the many open-air or barn dances.

Slow life – slowdown and relaxation

Clean air, peace and quiet are the building blocks for wellbeing and happiness for most busy people. The guided nature tours in the country, and nature yoga will allow you to relax and get in touch with unique nature. The traditional slow lifestyle of the Häme region is good for your body and soul.

Relax in the nature

Find peace of mind on a lakeshore listening to the waves lapping, take a dip in the lake and feel your body loosen up. Rowing on the lake will also help your mind relax. The beautiful and clean nature and waters in the Häme region offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation and finding peace of mind.