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You shall not pass!

Janakkala is located in the midpoint of Finland’s growth corridor, between Helsinki and Tampere. We are so easily reached that some may pass us before even knowing they were here! Well, you shall not pass, once you know about the charming spots for stopovers -or spending the whole day! We have lovely summertime coffee shops, such as The Yellow house in Laurinmäki and Hakola berry farm. Getting hungry? Visit Turengin Wanha Asema –restaurant at Finland’s oldest wooden railway station, Tervakoski Tallicafe´ -pizzeria built in old horse stable or the waterfront decks of Suviranta on River Hiidenjoki.

Janakkala entertains

Janakkala has great variety of concerts and other events happening all year round. The Yellow house offers idyllic intimacy and unique atmosphere of a private concert venue. Janakkala music days entertain yearly during march covering many venues and musical genres. At the end of June Janakkala Baroque weekend gathers together friends of classical and folk music of ages. In addition, we have lots of choirs and concerts in the medieval Church of St. Lawrence.

Tervakoski is home to Puuhamaa theme park, but offers other points of interest as well. The historical surroundings of 200 years old paper mill, charming Talli Café inside an old horse stable. Tervakoski lakeside trail is perfect for outdoor exercise, enjoying the scenery and birdwatching from newly built tower. There are also lots of natural shores for swimming.

Laurinmäki area is a true treasure filled with history, culture and Finnish nature, located in a village surrounding the Janakkala medieval stone church. From the historical nature and culture site and Laurinmäki Crofter’s Museum. The open air museum offers a chance for a time travel stroll to the daily life of a crofter family in the late 19th century. Laurinmäki has lots of events, such as opening of summer and Christmas seasons, concerts and Taaran markkinat event focusing on history and tradition. Laurinmäki nature trail has ancient artifacts from Iron Age and trenches from World War 1 just along it. There is also an open air fireplace and a lean-to for a relaxing break in the forest.

Duckboards and extremes

Do you love to wander outdoors? There are great nature trails all over Janakkala whether mountain biking along the ridges or hiking over duckboards through swamp areas. We also have digital canoe route maps for many of our waterways. Kiipula Centre offers accommodation, business and wellness services located just next to great outdoor trails along scenic ridges. KiipFITTrailRun gathers runners to Kiipula in September and mountain bikers arrive in October for KiipMTB competition. Kalpalinna Xtreme Sports Centre, founded first in 1939 as second alpine skiing pistes in Finland is getting a major facelift. Starting from 2019 with new owners the resort will be expanded to 365/7 extreme sports center.

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