Educational Travel & Technical Visits

Educational travel

The Finnish education system enjoys such international esteem that people from faraway places come to get acquainted with it. Häme has awakened to the matter, and the area is now offering some good educational tourism and camp school solutions. In educational tourism, the customers have included children enjoying camp schooling and adults getting familiar with the Finnish school system. The implementation of educational tourism packages often requires cooperation between the public and private sectors. Häme is near Helsinki, so the short distance from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area provides excellent opportunities for developing new business activities under the theme of educational tourism.

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Technical Visits

Technical visits means expert visits from abroad or from Finland, where the technical and/or professional expertise of the target company is introduced. Häme therefore welcomes groups of experts from different fields to innovative companies. Visits are available for many different fields, focusing on e.g. handcrafts and design, textile industry, technology sector, production and circular economy. With the help of local experts, visits can be tailored to the group’s needs and wishes.

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