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Clean and plentiful forests and thousands of lakes are a great asset in Finland. Nature is diverse and rich, varied in its flora and fauna, and soothing with its bodies of water. In Kanta-Häme, nature is present everywhere, even in city centres. Thanks to its good location, Kanta-Häme is easily accessible; it is only about an hour away from Finland’s largest cities: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Lahti. Kanta-Häme is a perfect destination for a day visit or a few days’ camping trip.

On these pages, we will present hiking trails of different levels of difficulty, the historical Hämeen Härkätie (Ox Road of Häme) for cycling, and beautiful lake routes for canoeing. The trail descriptions and classifications make it easy to choose the most suitable destination for a nature experience in Kanta-Häme.

In addition to the website, a DigiTrail mobile application is under development. It will work as a navigator in nature, lowering the threshold to visit nature destinations. The application will guide the visitor in the forest and give information about services and attractions nearby. In addition, it will provide interesting information about the history of the region, or suggest activities based on different themes, such as forest-themed exercises or cultural activities. Go to Kanta-Häme nature to test our application! Please give us feedback and be involved in the development of the application. You can download the free app for Android mobile devices from Google Play Store.

DigiTrail - map of Finland

Hiker’s day in nature of Kanta-Häme.

Children and their grandparents on a day trip in nature of Kanta-Häme.

Group of friends hiking in nature of Kanta-Häme.

Group of international friends on a hiking trip in the nature of Kanta-Häme.


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