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Nature routes

Häme is full of beautiful nature trails. You will find routes that are short and suitable for beginners as well as long and challenging routes. Trails can be found in various destinations from lake shores to deep forest. Along the trails you can admire the stunning scenery of Häme and slow down in fresh air. Browse the best hikes in Häme here!


The Häme Ilvesreitti Trail is over 250 kilometers long hiking trail which extends to Loppi, Tammela, Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna in Häme region. The trail, marked with clear lynx symbols, runs through the Torronsuo and Liesjärvi National Parks, the Saari National Park, Riihimäki Riutta area, Ahvenistonharju, Evo and many other beautiful areas.

Liesjärvi and Torronsuo Routes

Both National Parks in Häme have a lot to see and different routes to follow. You can start Liesjärvi Trails from several points, for example Korteniemi Heritage Farm or Pirttilahti Parking Area. There are trails from a bit over one kilometer to five-kilometer route. The Torronsuo Ring Trail is a 1.5-kilometer, easy to walk route with duckboards on the mire sections. From the Kiljamo car park, the first 150 meters of the route is suitable for wheelchairs or baby prams. In winter, there are wonderful ski trails on Torronsuo.


Poronpolku in Loppi got its name from reindeer herding in the area in the 1960s and 1970s and there is held a popular Poronpolku outdoor event every year. Poronpolku trail has varying lengths of paths from 3 kilometers to 30 kilometers, all passing through the exciting land of gnomes, goblins and trolls, Pirunlinna. Along the poronpolku trail you can explore the magnificent ridge nature and stop by Marskin Maja for a break.  You can read more about Loppi trails here!

Evo Trails

The Evo hiking area has about 70 kilometers of nature trails. There are several campfire sites and lean-to shelters along the routes and there are also many rental cabins in the area. Evo has many different kind of nature trails, where you can learn about the life of a brown trout, the fate of solitary inhabitants or the Siberian flying squirrel living conditions in the old-growth forest. Also beavers and lynxes live in the Evo area.

Biking Trails

There are interesting, even historical, routes for cycling in Häme. Trails marked for mountain biking can be found for example at Ilvesreitti, Poronpolku, Evo, Aulanko and Hattula. There are also several cycling events in Häme, such as Aulanko MTB, Poronpolun Polkaisu and Evo MTB. A bicycle map for Hämeenlinna was made in 2016 and it shows the cycling routes in the area. The Tavast Cycling Club organizes various cycling events in the area. You can rent a bicycle, mountain bike or fat bike from Eerikkilä or Aulanko Outdoors. Many accommodations also have bicycles available to guests for free use or to rent.

Canoeing Trails

There are several enchanting canoeing routes in the Häme region. Canoeing experiments and courses are organized by at least the local canoeing club VanajaveDen Vesikot ry. Canoes and kayaks are rented by Eerikkilä, Erärenki and Aulanko Outdoors. These companies also organize canoeing trips.

Skiing Trails

When it starts to snow, ski trails are made to many nature sites in Häme. You will find the best skiing trails in Torronsuo National Park, Aulanko Nature Reserve and Evo Hiking Area. There are also great ski trails in Komio Nature Reserve, Riihimäki Riutta Area and Ahvenisto Ridge Area.


You can also explore the nature routes with the help of the Digitrail application. The app guides you through the forest and tells you about nearby services and attractions. The trail descriptions and classifications make it easy to choose the most suitable destination for a nature experience in Häme. Read more and download the application!