On a litter-free trip to Häme

Outdoor recreation areas in Häme are attracting a lot of visitors

The coronavirus situation is causing an unprecedented migration of people to nearby forests, national parks, urban parks and other magnificent nature destinations in Häme. As the spring progresses, they will offer families, friends and individual wanderers excellent opportunities for either frolicking about or calming down in nature. Nature helps you cleanse your thoughts and calm down your mind. Nature will make you smile, even when we are living under emergency conditions in coronavirus quarantine. When wandering in nature, you should bear in mind the principles of litter-free outdoor life.

Principles of litter-free outdoor life

  • People enjoying outdoor life do not leave any traces of their visit in nature.

  • Pack your food and snacks in reusable boxes and bags. This will minimize the amount of packaging waste you are carrying with you.

  • You can leave the food residues and other biowaste in dry toilets or composters found in rest areas.However, do not dispose of biowaste in other types of toilets, such as vacuum toilets.

  • You can use small quantities of clean paper or cardboard as kindling in the campfire site or in the fireplace of the wilderness hut. Other waste – such as packaging containing aluminium foil or plastic – must not be burned in the campfire, as they may form non-degradable waste and toxic gases.

  • Do not leave your waste that can be burned for others to burn in such places as firewood sheds.

  • Do not leave any hazardous or mixed waste in nature.

  • Biowaste does not belong to a mixed waste container, because it can easily start to smell. In addition, animals may also spread other kind of litter around when the smell attracts them to search for biowaste in the waste bin.

  • Hazardous waste, such as batteries, belongs to the collection point for hazardous waste, not a mixed waste container.

  • Always clear away your own waste and, if necessary, that left by others as well. Always carry with you a small plastic bag for litter you find in the terrain.

  • A thoughtful smoker collects the cigarette butts in his or her own box and empties the box later into a waste container.