Glass art and idyllic surroundings in Hyttikortteli in Riihimäki


The Finnish Glass Museum is one of the most popular destinations in Riihimäki. A museum presenting the history and glass art of Finnish glassblowing is located in a building that previously operated a glass factory. In addition to the interesting basic exhibition, the Glass Museum can be visited with temporary domestic and international glass art exhibitions. While visiting the Glass Museum, you should visit the nearby Hyttikortteli. It is definitely a place worth exploring with glass studios and idyllic neighbourhoods.


In the premises of the old glass factory in Riihimäki you can find Lasismi‘s glass cabin and shop. Lasismi is a cooperative of seven glass artists blowing glass using traditional techniques. Lasismi also implements the ideas of others, so you can design your own glass product, which is made for you by glass blowers. From the store you can buy beautiful, colorful glassware. The glass cabin of Lasismi also hosts experience events where visitors get to blow the glass themselves.

Mafka ja Alakoski

Behind the wall of Lasismi lies another glass studio, Mafka ja Alakoski. In the glass studio you can follow the work of glass artist Marja Hepo-Aho and master glassblower Kari Alakoski, when they manufacture mouth blown art and functional glass. The gallery store is packed with charming glassware that you can buy for your own. You can also take part in the experience event that the studio hosts for glassblowing, or ask for an offer of a glass course if you want to learn the skills of glassblowing.


In the glass cabin of Lasismi, you can get to follow the work of glass blowers.


You can shop art glass and gifts at the gallery store of Mafka and Alakoski glass studio.


Glass studios are located in the premises of the old glass factory in Riihimäki.

Lehmustien Juhlatalo

In 1911, one of the first residential buildings in the Riihimäki glassworks area was built as a home for the management of the glassworks. Today, the building serves as Lehmustien Juhlatalo. Celebrations and meetings can be held in the halls of the old building or even workplace health promotion day.  Lehmustien Juhlatalo provides catering and organises a programme if necessary. The beautiful courtyard area can also be used for various program numbers or photo shoots.

Hyttikorttelin asuinalue ja Pekka Paunilan Potti

Riihimäki glass factory has started operating in 1910. The glass factory wanted to take care of its workers and a residential area was built for them around the glassworks. The glass factory closed in 1990, but its idyllic residential environment has remained almost unchanged.


Buildings in the residential area of the Hyttikortteli on the map.

It’s lovely to walk down the narrow alleys of Hyttikortteli, sense the mood of the old days and marvel at beautiful gardens with hammocks and paper lanterns. One of these old buildings serves as the area’s third glass studio, Pekka Paunilan Potti. A small glass cabin and shop have been established in 1986..


Lehmustien Juhlatalo is a former glassworks management residential building. Today, it serves as a banquet and meeting space.


In the cabin block you can admire old buildings and glamorous gardens.

In addition to the Hyttikortteli area and the Finnish Glass Museum, be sure to visit the Finnish Hunting Museum next to the Glass Museum. The Finnish Hunting Museum collects and displays Finnish wilderness history and hunting traditions.