VIKKE game

Explore culture destinations in Häme by reading stories and solving dilemmas

VIKKE-application takes the visitor to the Häme region’s culture destinations. Interesting stories and dilemmas attract players to get to know the culture destinations in the Finnish Lakeland 

From the VIKKE stories you can learn more about the history of Häme  

VIKKE is a pilot application that introduces the Häme region, history and local stories. The application includes in total 14 themes, from which the player can choose one at the time. These themes are telling you interesting stories for example from Middle Ages, glass, the composer Sibelius and pilgrimage.   

The 14 themes include smaller stories about culture destinations. The stories of the destinations are about their history or they include some interesting information, that you might not find anywhere else. This attracts the player to travel from culture destination to another in Häme region 

Accomplish dilemmas and proceed in the game

All 63 culture destinations in the game include a short story and a dilemma that needs to be solved to be able to proceed in the game. You can do some tasks laying  on the sofabut there are also tasks that are only possible to solve from the yard of a destinationIt might also be nicer to go outside in a sunny day and visit these destinations. AR (augmented reality) technology is used in some dilemmas. For example in the main theme Art Walk, there are many fun AR tasks related to statues in the city center of Hämeenlinna  

Let the stories lead you from destination to another and have a memorable time in Häme region!   


You can download VIKKE application from Google Play Store and App Store.


There are stories and tasks in VIKKE game.


Every destination has it’s own story.


Dilemmas are also included.


AR technology is used in some dilemmas.

You can download VIKKE for AndroidandiOSmobile devicesYou can find it with the name VIKKE from Google Play Store and App Store. The application is available in Finnish and in English. In the front page of the application you can find feedback form. By giving feedback, you help us to get useful information about using digitalization in the culture tourism. Feedback left (with contact information) between 1.4-31.8.2020, are in a raffle.  The price is a free entrance to an escape room game.  


VIKKE-application pilot is developed in a VIKKE project, that gets funding from the European Regional Development Fund. The project is led by HAMK Smart research unit.