Summer events in Häme

Häme is full of wonderful summer events. There will be sympathetic small events and big festivals. The selection of events includes music, culture and sports. Whether you are spending your day with only adults or with the whole family, there is something for everyone in Häme’s summer events!

The International Sportsmen’s Fair ”Riihimäen Erämessut” 50 years! The International Sportsmen’s Fair has been held in Riihimäki since 1972. The event unites everyone interested in hunting, fishing, hiking and nature in one place. There will be interesting lectures and speeches at the event, e.g. unhindered hiking, hiking that requires food, and protecting livestock farms from large carnivores. Exhibitions include fish handling, retriever shows and first aid shows. There are different workshops on and machine bear testing for dogs. Dogs are also welcome at the Wilderness Fair, but the dog must always be connected to the fairgrounds.

The Hakkapeliitta event takes us to August 1632, when King Gustav II Adolf needed more soldiers to fight for Germany for the king. Men are sent from the parish of Tammela in southwestern Häme, and not always as voluntary. The theme of the 2022 event is the family in the 17th century. According to tradition, the program promises speeches, music and theatre. A new program at this event is a children’s play area, where you can jump into the world of 17th-century children. During the weekend, almost 200 merchants and craftsmen from all over Finland can meet at the unique 17th century market square. The royal and court people are also involved in the market life. The life of the Hakkapeliitta can be explored in the soldiers’ camp and the cavalry’s performances in cavalry field shows. There will be delicious 17th century flavors on the buffet and stall.

Hippalot is a children’s own art festival that combines different art forms. The aim of the event is to strengthen the interaction between the child and the adult through art and culture as well as diverse social encounters. The target group of the festival is children aged 0-10 with their families. The program includes theater, concerts, literature, dance, movies, and a variety of handicrafts and visual arts. The event is full of different workshops where children get to produce art themselves. There are both free and paid programs on offer at the event. Some of the event’s workshops are so popular that they sell out in advance. Make sure you have access to the workshop and book your tickets in advance!

summer events in häme

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