Water sports equipment in Häme

The ingredients for a fun summer day can be found at the equipment rental company! Finland is a country of thousands of lakes and summer is the best time to enjoy the lakes. Whether you want to row casually, surf trendy or windsurf wildly: you need equipment for water sports. By using an equipment rental company, you can focus on enjoying the moment yourself. The professional chooses the right equipment for you, the equipment is well maintained and even delivered to the place you wish. There are several equipment rental companies in Häme, which we introduce to you in this blog. Summer adventure awaits, jump into the water and let’s go!

Operators renting water sports equipment in Häme:

  • Jalolautya
  • Erärenki
  • Eerikkilä Urheiluopisto
  • Aulanko Outdoors
  • Evon Luonto
  • Natura Viva


Jalolautta offers sup-board rentals and sup tours and events. In the evening workouts, you will be paddling with fitness in mind, on the familiarization trip you will familiarize yourself with the basics of stand up padding. On a full moon sup excursion, you paddle towards the sunset and enjoy snacks. In the Sup chord bath, you relax while lying on a board while sound bowls and gongs play. This operator specializes specifically in stand up paddling.

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In addition to renting water sports equipment from Erärenki, guided kayaking trips are available. Erärenki serves a wide area from Liesjärvi to Melkutin and Saari National Park. Tours can be found from trips of a few hours to overnight trips. For self-guided tours, it is possible to get transportation to the departure point and after the tour. The equipment rental company has canoes, kayaks, sup-boards and rowing boats.

Eerikkilä Urheiluopisto

In Eerikkilä, sport trials and guided tours for your group are available. The equipment rental company has canoes, kayaks, sup boards and rowing boats.

Aulanko Outdoors

Aulanko has a versatile equipment rental company for summer adventures! The tools can also be delivered directly to the customer’s desired location, such as a summer cottage. Guided tours offer everything from moonlight kayaking to sup courses of various levels. The equipment rental company has canoes, kayaks, sup-boards and windsurfers.

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Evon Luonto

At Evo, equipment rental is only for their customers who are staying over night. The equipment rental company has canoes, kayaks, sup-boards and windsurfers.

Natura Viva

A new operator in Häme, Natura Viva offers water sports equipment for summer trips. Hämeenlinna’s canoeing point is located in Hämeensaari, where routes open to the Vanajavesi. Equipment rental includes kayaks and sup boards.

Hämeenlinna city boats

In Hämeenlinna, there are city boats freely available for anyone to borrow. There is no reservation system for the boats, but they wait for their users on the shore. The boats can be identified by their orange painted ends. When using city boats, you must bring your own life jackets.

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