Sauna is good for you — improving memory and relieving stress!

Finns are sauna people. The best thing is sauna by the lake in Häme! Sauna relaxes, lowers blood pressure, does good for the heart, relieves stress, improves lung function, protects memory and relieves pain. There are quite a few good reasons to come and try saunas in Häme. Throw water on the stove and chat with the sauna elf!

The health effects of sauna have been studied in many different studies. Researchers Tanjaniina and Jari Laukkanen have published dozens of scientific studies on the health effects of sauna. Sauna, keho ja mieli (The Sauna, Body and Mind) (Docendo) book presents the key findings relating to saunas.

Sauna_lauteet_aulanko_suurihuvilaThe more you go to sauna — the better benefits you experience!

The benefits of a sauna are undeniable. Half an hour in a sauna of about 80 degrees several times a week is the best option.  In the sauna, it is worthwhile to stay in peacefully, since the beneficial effects of blood circulation begin when you have been there about 15 minutes.

The gentle touch of the heat relaxes both body and mind. At the same time as you start feeling better, the sauna will help to combat the harmful effects of stress. Blood pressure drops and these effects are still visible after 24 hours.

Going to the sauna regularly is good. Better to go every day or even just once a week. Everyone goes to the sauna every so often as they feel good. Also remember that when you are sick you cannot go to sauna.

Does the sauna elf peek from behind the stove?


The sauna elf welcomes you in Myllytalo Lato-Spa,

You’re never alone in a sauna. The mythical sauna elf is always included in the sauna, at least hidden around the corner. Sauna elf is a small, human-looking creature in Finnish folklore. The sauna elf will come to the sauna for the last heat when the people in the house have gone. Therefore, the last water is always thrown into the stove for the sauna elf.

In the sauna you are bare, free of worries and sorrow.  When you come away, you’re like a reformed person. The heat of the sauna has caused relaxation in body and mind.  So it’s worth to go to the sauna — just for yourself!

Relax in a sauna in Häme

Häme has magnificent saunas and several of them are set near lakes. Häme is part of the Lakeland. Also special saunas are available! The Viking Sauna in Humppila will get you into the Viking Age atmosphere and you can try several saunas at the same time. In Ypäjä there is a underground smoke sauna, and you can’t find one in every place. On the sauna board you can drive around the lake and take a dip to swim wherever you like. At Katajistonranta, Aulanko, you can relax in the beautiful lake scenery of the 1952 Olympics sauna. In Petäys you can jump (in addition to ordinary saunas and smoke sauna) to the Zetor sauna on top of the tractor trailing cart. You can also go to the sauna on the road in a sauna bus! Check out your sauna options on Visit Häme website.