Tarinmaa area (Tarinmaa, Pappilankylä, Räikälä, Hakoinen, Kernaala, Monikkala, Nuoliala, Iso-Hiisi, Tuulensuu and Kovero regions) is a peaceful country setting closer to everything than you might think. In Tarinmaa, the Middle Ages and modernity seamlessly meet with the Church of St. Lawrence and the Laurinmäki Srofter’s museum as the centre of the area. In the village school of Tarinmaa, the children study not only the classroom but around the school in a magnificent nature.

The Church of St. Lawrence

Medieval stone church

Laurinmäki Nature and Culture area

Crofter’s Museum, Iron Age ancient memorial area, Räikälä natural meadows, Laurinmäki and Määkynmäki nature trail and lean-to. Yellow House, summer cafe, concert and cultural event venue.

Hakoinen hillfort

A hillfort worth the climbing, with spectacular views of all the directions.