Hakoinen Hillfort

Hakoinen Hillfort  is an ancient castle near Lake Kernaalanjärvi in Janakkala. The peak of the steep-walled mountain rising in the middle of fields is more than 60 meters above the surface of Lake Kernaalanjärvi. The Hakoinen Hillfort has spectacular scenery and it has been designated by Finnish Heritage Agency as one of Finland's significant cultural landscapes.

The ruins of Hakoinen Castle date back to the Middle Ages, possibly in the 1200's. It is likely that Häme Castle was originally located on the Hakoinen Hillfort before the construction of the Häme Castle we know today. Remains of the fortress can still be seen on the Hillfort, especially the lower fortress. At the top of the hill you will also find a small giant's kettle.

Find the Hakoinen hillfort by turning from road 130 into the road to Hakoinen Manor, lined with trees. The trail leading to the hill starts from the parking area from the left hand side of the road before the manor.