Evo, forest assessment task

Forest’s Age

The age of a tree can be estimated by studying the growth rings on a fresh stump or by using an increment borer. The exact age of a young pine tree can be determined by counting its whorls.

You are facing a group of pine tree saplings, which has been created by sowing. Which year were the seeds sown?

Look the instruction: https://www.mhy.fi/sites/default/files/paijat-hame/metsataito-opas_8_puun_ika-edit.pdf). 

TIP: Determine the age of the oldest pine seedlings. 

The pine trees were sown in: 

a) 1990
b) 1995
c) 2000
d) 2005

Amount of wood in a forest

The amount of wood in a forest is estimated in cubic metres per hectare. A hectare is an area of 100 x 100 m. The amount of wood in a forest is an important piece of information when assessing the forest’s value or logging profits. Swipe the screen to see images of two forests, and estimate how much wood the displayed forest has. 

How much wood does this forest contain?

The forest’s wood volume (m3 / ha) is: 

a) 100
b) 200
c) 300
d) 400

Height of a tree

Estimating the height of trees is important when assessing the amount of forest wood or the volume of a specific tree. Height can be easily estimated with a stick. Estimate the height of the large pine tree marked with blue.  

Find an instruction here: https://www.mhy.fi/sites/default/files/paijat-hame/metsataito-opas_3_yksittaisen_puun_pituus-edit.pdf 

How tall is the tree in metres?

a) 18
b) 23
c) 28
d) 33

The number of trees in a forest

The number of trees is estimated in sapling stands and young forests in order to find out whether the number of trees is sufficient, or if the forest needs to be thinned out. The number of trees is evaluated per hectare.  

Calculate how many trees this forest has per hectare. The easiest way to count the number of trees is by using a square-shaped test area. Measure an area of 10 x 10 m by using your feet, and count the number of trees inside. Time the number of trees by one hundred, and you will find out the number of trees by hectare.

Look for more specific instruction here: https://www.mhy.fi/sites/default/files/paijat-hame/metsataito-opas_6_runkoluku-edit.pdf

The number of trees per hectare is:

a) 200
b) 700
c) 1200
d) 1700

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