Kalpalinna Ski Center

Kalpalinna Ski Center

Kalpalinna offers ski slopes for all levelled downhill skiers and snowboarders. Kalpalinna is a well known ski center and bike park in Janakkala, Turenki. Due to central location in southern Finland Kalpalinna can be reached in one hour from Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti by car. Or fast with train, from the Turenki´s railway station to Kalpalinna distance is only 3,6km. The main railroad provides fast connections to Helsinki and Tampere.

Kalpalinna Rental offers a wide range of winter sports equipment and bikes for rent. Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding equipment (excl. helmets, ski goggles/ski sticks).

From Kalpalinna rental you can rent equipment and reserve an equipment maintain. Contact: info@kalpalinna.fi puh: +35850 322 6122

Kalpalinna Cafe is open during bike/ski lift opening times.

You can purchase Rinteet 2021Ski Pass for whole winter season to Kalpalinna on our website.

Kalpalinnan rinnekarttaKalpalinnassa on monta laskettelurinnettä
Kalpalinnan rinnekartta
Kalpalinnassa on monta laskettelurinnettä