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Tammela, Häme Nature Centre

You can enjoy tranquillity and pure nature on the nature trails of Tammela, in the vicinity of Lake Ruostejärvi and the Liesjärvi National Park. The area is barely inhabited, but the Häme Nature Centre located at the trails’ starting point and the nearby Eerikkilä Sports Institute offer diverse services, such as equipment for rent and information about nature. There are great sandy beaches, lean-to shelters and campfire sites in the area. The trails are well suited for day trip, but the hike can also be stretched over various days by passing through the connecting routes to the Liesjärvi National Park and the Lynx Trails. Häme Lynx Trails are also connected with Torronsuo National Park, the Folk Park of Saari and Räyskälä in Loppi.

Lake Ruostejärvi is well-known for its particularly clear water and sandy bottom. Its coastline is one of the most popular places to swim in the summer. In the summer, it is worth visiting the Korteniemi Heritage Farm located in the Liesjärvi National Park, where you can learn about life on a farm in the 1910s. There are a lot of activities available in the area all year round. In the winter, you can ski on the lake, or rent ski boots and stop by the nature centre during its opening hours.


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