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Evo, Evo Centre

Evo is well-known for the first forestry institute in Finland, as well as its wilderness, nature, birds and beavers. The Evo Hiking Area (approximately 4700 hectares) has been popular amongst hikers as well as scouts for decades. Lynx trails criss-cross the area, which provides hiking trails tailored for every taste, all the way to Asikkala and Padasjoki.

Evo is located higher than its surroundings in a watershed region, which is characterised by plentiful small lakes and ponds, and soil with low nutrient value. Traditional forestry has directed the development of Evo’s nature. The dominant forest types are mesic and sub-xeric heath forests. The pine is the most common tree species, and more than half of the trees are pine trees. There are only few lush areas in Evo. Also natural mires are rare. You can see mires, for instance, along the Lake Niemisjärvi trail or Harjupolku path. The undulating landscape was formed by the Ice Age.

There is much to see and experience along Evo’s hiking routes. The water bodies are clean, and you can even drink directly from some of the lakes. A lucky visitor may even spot a beaver constructing a dam. Fishermen and families with children enjoy fishing the implanted or natural salmon. Evo Centre offers café and accommodation services almost throughout the year, and the campus saunas (a traditional and a smoke sauna) can be hired for recreational purposes. Additionally, there are lean-to shelters, cabin accommodation, and campfire sites in the area. Experience the energy of Evo any time of the year.


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