Welcome to virtual guided tours of Häme!

Travelling is possible only virtually at the moment and most of the sights, such as museums, are closed. But luckily you can now go on virtual tours of Häme cultural sites! New guided virtual videos showcase venues for the Year of Glass; The Finnish Glass Museum, Iittala Glass Factory and Design Museum Iittala. There are versions of the videos in both English and Japanese. They are produced in collaboration with the sights and VIKKE and Western Lakeland Kanta-Häme projects from HAMK Smart Research Unit.  Häme Castle and its newly discovered old civil defence shelter have also got their own interesting virtual tours.


Explore the Finnish Glass Museum with new guided virtual videos.

Virtual guided tour of Finnish Glass Museum

The Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki has already had a virtual tour on the museum’s website.  The guided virtual videos now produced show you remotely the collections of the Glass Museum and at the same time tell the history of Finnish glassblowing. The Finnish Glass Museum is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

Watch the guided virtual tour in English

Watch the guided virtual tour in Japanese

Virtual guided tour of Iittala Glass Factory and Design Museum Iittala

Iittala Glass Factory turns 140 years this year and The Design Museum Iittala celebrates its 50th anniversary. Iittala’s guided virtual tour takes off from the Design Museum Iittala, showcasing magnificent glassware and telling, for example, the story of the famous Aalto vase. Towards the end the video shows glassblowers working at the Iittala glass factory.

Watch the guided virtual tour in English

Watch the guided virtual tour in Japanese


The King’s hall in Häme Castle can now also be visited virtually.

Virtual tour of Häme Castle and old civil defence shelter

Häme castle is a magnificent medieval red brick castle that has also been used as a prison. Now you have the chance to get on a skillfully executed virtual tour to explore the inside of the thick walls of this historic castle. The soundscape creates more ambience for the virtual tour and the guiding texts tell you more about the various premises and halls, as well as the history of the castle. In addition, you can take a virtual peek at the 1930s-built civil defence shelter found in the castle’s rampart, which was discovered and dug open in 2019 and soon covered again due to the risk of collapse.

Take a virtual tour at Häme Castle

Take a virtual tour at Häme Castle’s old civil defence shelter

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