Swing on the Greens of Finland’s Tee Valley!

Golf_linnagolf_vanajanlinna_ilmakuvaIf you like golf, you will also like Häme. You cannot find as many golf courses anywhere else in Finland as close to each other as in the surrounds of Hämeenlinna. Pack your bag and step up your game on our beautiful golfing greens.

Häme is not called the Finnish Tee Valley for nothing, as you can play on up to seven different golf courses. And best of all, four of these courses are located in Hämeenlinna within a 15-minute drive from each other. So, the most enthusiastic golfers have time to play on all courses during one weekend.


Linna Golf is one of the most popular courses in Finland.

In addition to the number of courses, the courses are also of high quality and versatile. Courses of different levels offer different challenges for professionals and beginners alike. Whether you want to hone your short-game or cross vast water hazards, we have something for everyone – including classes and guidance for beginners.

Did you know that Häme is also home to Finland’s only PGA European Tour Course, Linna Golf? The course, which covers over 100 hectares, is located in the surrounds of Vanajalinna. Thus, you can enjoy beautiful nature and culturally historical landscapes while playing.

Linna Golf has been highly ranked by the Finnish Golf Magazine, where players selected it as the best golf course in Finland in 2019. Linna Golf has also been selected among the 100 best golf courses in continental Europe.

Drive for Fun

In addition to having the best golf course in Finland, Häme is home to the oldest golf course in the country, Hugo Golf in Aulanko. Its sloping and fast greens have challenged players to develop their short-game skills for nearly 80 years.


Hugo Golf is already 80 years old and still a popular course in Aulanko.

Once your short-game skills are in order and you want more variety, there are several 18-hole golf courses nearby where you can drive your heart out.

No matter which course you are playing, one thing is for sure: Whenever you play golf, you always get hungry. In addition to the clubhouses, there are numerous good restaurants in the Hämeenlinna region, and many hotels also offer package accommodation-deals for golfers.

If other family members are not that keen on golfing, there are plenty of other activities on offer: Shopping centres, adventure parks and various events. A golfing holiday does not have to be only about golfing, you also can enjoy other activities in between.


There are several Frisbeegolftracks around Häme. At Aulanko you can play in the landscape of  Lake Vanajavesi.

Traditional and Disc Golf

In addition to traditional golf, Häme has great facilities for disc golfing. The sport has gained great popularity among Finns in recent years, and new courses have arisen in Häme at a rapid pace.

Loimijoki Golf, located in Ypäjä, is a great destination for both traditional and disc golfers, as the area now features courses for both sports enthusiasts. Thus, you can play a round of golf first, eat and then continue your day with disc golf.

If you want a bit of a challenge in disc golf, head to Hunnari in Forssa, home to an 18-fairway competitive course. The fairways in hilly terrain challenge players’ skills as well as physical condition. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to perform spectacular glides and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Häme has plenty of other disc golf courses worth visiting.  There are dozens of well-maintained courses in the surrounds of Hämeenlinna alone, where local clubs also actively organise competitions.

Whether you play traditional or disc golf, welcome to Häme; you will not run out of holes to play. Play a round or design your own tour and play multiple courses. If you are travelling to Finland from abroad, visiting Häme and its golf courses is an absolute must on your list of things to do in Finland, and can easily be accomplished by taking a day trip or extended trip from Helsinki, for example.

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