In Hämeenlinna, on the eastern shore of Lake Katumajärvi, Kappolanvuori rises clearly higher than other surroundings. It is 149-metres tall at its highest point. Just below the highest point is a rocky lookout spot with stunning views over the Katumajärvi and to Hämeenlinna center, as well as Käikäälä and Turenki in the other direction. From Kappolanvuori, you can also see the Mantere hillfort on the other side of the lake. The forest in the area consists mostly of spruce trees, mixed with birches and pines. There are no signs to Kappola Mountain, but it is easily accessed by forest trails. There's an infoboard about the area at the lookout spot.

Kappolanvuori, Hämeenlinna Finland.Kappolanvuori view, Hämeenlinna Finland.Kappolanvuori information, Hämeenlinna Finland.
Kappolanvuori, Hämeenlinna Finland.
Kappolanvuori view, Hämeenlinna Finland.
Kappolanvuori information, Hämeenlinna Finland.