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Visit Häme virtually

Museums and attractions are closed, and people are staying now most of their time at home during this critical time. Also travelling is forbidden. Luckily, you can visit many destinations from your own sofa! Here is a list of Häme destinations you can visit virtually.


In the Glass Museum’s virtual museum you can explore the main exhibition and historic building on three floors.

Finnish Glass Museum

In the 3D world of the Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki, you can explore the museum collection and the historic museum building designed by famous Finnish designer, Tapio Wirkkala. Before transforming into the museum, the building was the factory of Riihimäki Glassworks. In the collections of the Finnish Glass Museum you can see glass items of Finnish glass blowing history from the early days to the present. In the virtual museum you can find points with guiding texts.

The Hunting Museum of Finland

The Finnish Hunting Museum is located right next to the Glass Museum in Riihimäki. A virtual tour will take you through the halls of the Hunting Museum. The exhibitions of the Hunting Museum introduce you to the ten-thousand-year-old history of Finnish hunting and the relationship between people and nature.



In eMuseo you can visit the red “Mamsell” windmill of Laurinmäki.

You can visit the Laurinmäki Crofter’s Museum and nature trails virtually in the eMuseo. This virtual museum takes you on a journey into the late 19th century by presenting different buildings and use of them. The nature trails with ancient monuments give you an insight into the history and magnificent nature of Laurinmäki area. As a nice addition you can test your knowledge by answering the questions in eMuseo.

Iida Aalberg Museum

You can also visit the different rooms of the Iida Aalberg Museum at the eMuseum. Iida Aalberg was the most notable and internationally known Finnish actress of her time. Iida Aalberg was born in Leppäkoski, Janakkala. His father worked as a track master when the railway between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna was built. The track master’s house is a protected rarity, the Iida Aalberg Museum was founded in 1976 in the building.

Forssa Museum

The Forssa Museum is online with mobile application which introduces the history of the area. Forssa’s magnificent factory milieu and city history can be explored with a history walk that presents the Spinning Mill area and other buildings in Forssa. During the spring you can also visit museum’s exhibition “City of colorful cloth” with museum’s instagram live tours.

Forssa Kutomo area

Kutomo area’s past and present can be explored in an online exhibition produced by the Forssa Museum. The Wiksberg cotton weaving mill started its operations in the area in 1855 and the Finlayson automatic weaving mill started in the 1950s. The interviews will help you explore the historical Kutomo area before and now. This site is only in Finnish.

Hämeenlinna City Museum

You can peek in Hämeenlinna’s museums from the Hämeenlinna City Museum website. The exhibition “Until Death Do Us Part” tells the history of weddings, marriage, love and equality. The exhibition focuses on gorgeous wedding dresses from museum’s collections. You can visit the exhibition can virtually through videos. You can also find material about Easter at Palander house on the website. This site is only in Finnish.

Nature sights

Digitrail 360 pictures, 360 videos and standard videos let you virtually wander in nature and admire beautiful landscapes. Explore the cultural heritage of Härkätie, hike in Aulanko area, peek into the lovely cypress forest or dive into the lake Iso-Melkutin in Loppi. During your virtual hiking from your own sofa, you will also receive tips from scouts that can be useful when you get to go to the nature again.


With videos and 360 pictures you can visit nature from your sofa.


Young scouts teach you, for example, how to light a campfire.


Take a 360-video ferry ride across a strait in Tammela.

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