TOP 3 winter activities in Häme

Finland is known not only for its beautiful summer, but also for its wonderful winter and many winter activities. However, you don’t have to go to Lapland to enjoy the winter frost, the sleet and spectacular scenery. There is also interesting things to do in Häme for every season, and winter is no exception! But what are the TOP 3 winter activities in Häme this winter?

Winter activity 1: Kick sledding

In the heart of Häme is the hottest outdoor place this winter: the Alajärvi kick sled track in Hämeenlinna. Tauno Hovila, who maintains the track as voluntary work, has made kick sledding available to everyone in, because you don’t have to own your own kick sled to kick in Alajärvi. On the edge of the ice you will find dozens of kick sleds neatly in parked, waiting for a new adventure. In the sunny landscapes, you can spend longer time with friends or family.

Talviaktiviteetit Hämeessä_potkukelkkailu

This place is great for outdoor activities for the whole family, as there are also kick sleds suitable for children and pole sledges – so not everyone needs to enjoy the kick sleds to enjoy in Alajärvi. The track travels four kilometers on the ice of lake Alajärvi, also offering good opportunities for ice skating. There is also a cross-country ski track. There are also places for e.g. frying sausages and enjoying picnics, so the whole family’s winter hiking day can begin!

You can come to the place by car and there are plenty of parking spaces. Kick sledges can be found at Välläntie 165, Hämeenlinna.

Winter activity 2: Ice skating

Skiing and skating are built in Finns – we are multiple medalists, e.g. in ice hockey and various skiing categories. A more unique winter activity is touring skating, which can be tried in several locations in Häme. In touring skating, you put your skates on your feet and go to the lake ice instead of the usual skating rink. The bravest go to try this sport in ”hockeys”, but the more experienced ones have purchased touring skates for outdoor activities.

Talviaktiviteetit Hämeessä_retkiluistelu

Ice skating is the best form of winter sports, and Pyhäjärvi in ​​Tammela has the longest ice skating rink in Kanta-Häme. The atmosphere is unique when praising along the natural ice. Many touring skating rinks are maintained by volunteers – a big thank you to all the helpers! Here are a few well-known skating rinks in Häme:

  • Alajärvi, Hämeenlinna
  • Pyhäjärvi, Tammela
  • Eerolanlahti, Hattula
  • Petäys, Hattula

Winter Activity 3: Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a winter activity that provides a moment to stop and calm down. Ice fishing is a nice sport, as it is easy to find a suitable location in the land of thousands of lakes. Ice fishing becomes even more meaningful when you choose a place well and involve your friends. For example, the annual ice fishing competition is one of the favorite activities of the employees of the Lammin Ikkuna factory during the winter:

Talviaktiviteetit Hämeessä_pilkkiminen

To start ice fishing, all you need is the equipment you need for winter fishing, lots of warm clothing, and a big bottle of warm cocoa. Ice fishing equipment can be found cheaply in many large department stores and shops specializing in outdoor activities. For example, the Niemisjärvi in the Evo hiking area are unparalleled places to visit for anglers. Nothing but ice fishing overalls on and off! Explore other nature activities in the Häme region.