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TOP 10 places to visit in Forssa Region

Forssa Spinning Mill Area

The Spinning Mill Area in Forssa is the centre of culture and education in the city. In the former cotton mill, you will find the Forssa Museum and Gallery Molet, Forssa Nature Museum, City Library, exhibition space Vinkkeli, bowling alley and restaurants.
Also Häme University of Applied Sciences, Music School, School of Fine Arts, Wahren Institute, early childhood education and youth work service units, Forza Business Accelerator and small businesses in various sectors are operating in the area.


Swedish-born Axel Wilhelm Wahren set up a cotton spinning mill on the verge of Kuhalankoski.


In 2014, the Forssan Museum was selected as Museum of the Year in Finland.


The spinning mill area hosts music and market events in the summer.

Jokioinen Musemun Railway

Steam trains of the Jokioinen Museum Railway drive through the country landscape on summer weekends. You can start the train journey from Minkiö, Jokioinen or Humppila, which can also be reached by VR train. Minkiö Station has a summer cafe, a souvenir shop and a narrow-gauge museum, whose collections include locomotives and wagons from the various narrow-gauge railways in Finland.


Museum trains also operate to groups on order throughout the year.


At Minkiö Station, you can rent your own resina and head for a picnic trip to the Santavaihde campfire.


Humppila train station was moved from Ostrobothnia and refurbished as a museum station in 2019.

Torronsuo National Park

Torronsuo National Park in Tammela is the most extensive bog area in Southern Finland. The rugged and beautiful swamp landscape with its birds can be adored from the Kiljamo bird tower or the Idänpäänkallio bird tower in the village of Torro. Torronsuo has routes of varying lengths for the hikers. There are also wide duckboard for handicapped and a plateau on the edge of the open bog where you can admire Finland’s deepest swamp. During winter, Torronsuo has ski routes of varying lengths maintained by the local village association.


Spring-like moods in Torronsuo National Park.


Colors and moods change at different times of the year. (Photo: Minna Malinen)


In winter, Torronsuo is like a little piece of Lapland. (Photo: Erärenki/Jouni Palén)

Liesjärvi National Park

Liesjärvi National Park consists of forests of different ages, ridges, swamps and beautiful lake landscapes. The most famous natural attraction of the national park is the narrow, approximately one kilometre long Kyynäränharju ridge with low and sandy beaches. Part of the Liesjärvi National Park is Korteniemi Heritage Farm, where you can experience how the forest ranch of the 1910s lived. The national park has hiking trails of varying lengths, fireplaces, camping areas, and two rental cabins.


The magnificent Kyynäränharju ridge separates Lake Kyynäränjärvi and Lake Liesjärvi. (Photo: Eve Mäkinen)


The heritage farm hosts a variety of event days in the summer.


There are fire places in Siltalahti, Korteniemi, Savilahti camping area, Peukaloinen and Kaksvetinen.

The Folk Park of Saari

The Folk Park of Saari is ideally suited as a day trip destination. The Park was established in 1932. The area includes sandy beaches, nature trails, a lean-to and a fire place. The Folk Park also has a summer kiosk and a traditional restaurant Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti, the Tanninen Museum and the Kaukolanharju observation tower.


The trail around the Suujärvi is 3.4 km long.


The Kaukolanharju observation tower opens up a beautiful landscape.


Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti was built as a volunteer work in 1946-48.

Vesihelmi Spa

Vesihelmi Spa is a cheerful water activity centre for the whole family in Forssa. It is a spa for relaxing and a swimming hall for fitness. In addition to the swimming pool, Vesihelmi has hot tubs, a therapy pool, a slide, a jump tower, a wave pool, a cold pool, a children’s pool and two gyms. Vesihelmi Spa is also perfect for the group tour day program and the charter sauna is suitable for small group meetings and other occasions.


Vesihelmi Spa has a variety of water activities.


Vesihelmi Spa hosts a variety of themed events throughout the year.


On the slide, you can race for the fastest landing.

Craft skills in Humppila

Humppila has plenty of different places to visit, where you can explore the work of craftsman in their production facilities and exhibitions. You can also buy materials for making crafts yourself. In the courtyard of Urpola Manor are located the Art Storehouse ITU, Tilkkutex store specialising in patchwork fabrics and accessories, and the Urpola Kutomo Gallery. Along Highway 9 stands the Ateljé Heljä of ceramic artists Heljä Liukko-Sundström and Olli Vasa. Located in the middle of the merchant houses on Highway 2 are the blacksmith master’s forge Taidetakomo T. Wirman and Ainoa for fixing furniture.


The fabrics of Tilkkutex are in all colors of the rainbow.


You’ll meet Heljä Liukko-Sundström at her atelier usually at the end of the week and at weekends.


The blacksmith master also organizes work shows and forging experiments for small groups.

Porras Village

Porras is an active village of nearly 400 people located along the Ox Road in Tammela. Village is known for its old taverns. You can explore the beautiful village road Portaanraitti by walking to the residential area of crofters. After crossing the Turpoonjoki bridge, you will arrive at old tannery Portaan Nahkurinverstas, where you can find a café-restaurant and Finland’s only tannery museum. Along the village road you will also find the picturesque old goods shop Patinaputiikki, Cafe Härkäposti and the Syrjälä sheep farm shop that is open to order.


Scenery of the Turpoonjoki in Porras village can be experienced for example on a canoeing trip.


Gallery Jokitörmä is an atelier and gallery of painter Eero Leppänen along the Portaanraitti.


The traveller of the Ox road can find accommodation in Portaan Nahkurinverstas courtyard.

Ypäjä Equine College

Ypäja Equine College is the national coaching centre for equestrian sport and the largest educational institution in the field. The atmosphere can be experienced at its most vibrant in various events and races, when the top international riders and steers gather at Ypäjä. Traditional Siittolanmäki has been a stable area since the 1930s and the halls of the student canteen tell their own story about the history of the area. You can explore the history of equestrian sports at the Finnish Equestrian Museum.


The roundabout in the centre of Ypäjä is adorned by a statue of Finnish horse.


A variety of accommodation options are available at the Equine College.


The Finnish Equestrian Museum is surrounded by a vibrant stable area and the stunning cultural landscape of the Loimijoki Valley.

Summer Theatres

Forssa region has a wide selection of various summer theatre productions ranging from the funny farces to bigger musical productions. The theatres frameworks range from covered grandstands to forest stages, from village houses to lake landscapes. In the Forssa region, summer theatre experiences are produced among others by Rehtilä-Theatre, Torro Theatre, Kyläseppä Summer Theatre, Ypäjä Musical Theatre, Rauhaniemi Summer Theatre, Ox Road Theatre and Theatre Unknown.


The grandstand of the Kyläseppä Summer Theatre, located in Jokioinen, is special for its rotating movement.


There are up to 500 seats in the stands at the Ypäjä Musical Theatre.


Traditional summer theatre in the point of Rauhaniemi in Tammela.