Summer events 2020 in Häme

There are a lot of fun summer events in Häme. We brought together the most popular events – these are worth visiting!

11-12.4.2020 Riihimäki Easter

This year Easter will be celebrated in Riihimäki with a magic theme. There will be circus, music and theater, workshops, markets, domestic animals and a lot of other activities for the whole family.

Riihimäki easter website

2-7.6.2020 Riihimäki summer concerts

From its beginnings as a small-scale event, the concert series has grown gradually into a nationally and internationally renowned chamber music festival, affiliated with the Finland Festivals organization. Over the past couple of decades, the Riihimäki Summer Concert Series has featured a great many famous artists and ensembles from Finland and around the world

Riihimäki summer concerts website

4-7.6.2020 Riihimäki International Sportsmen’s Fair


The International Sportsmen’s Fair is the biggest fair organized in this industry in Finland. The Sportsmen’s Fair has been organized in Riihimäki since 1972. The fair will be organized for the 24th time in Riihimäki Sports Park on 4th to 7th of June 2020. The leafy Sports Park is a handy and pleasant location for the fair. Hunting, fishing, trekking and nature enthusiasts and professionals get a chance to explore the commercial services and products available and meet with the experts of the various national organizations operating in the field.

Riihimäki International Sportsmen’s Fair website

13.6.2020 Open Villages Day in Häme

On the Open Villages Day of Finland hundreds of rural and urban communities open their doors for visitors to come and enjoy the village life and program. Thousands of volunteers all over the country organize the Day each year on a Saturday in early June. With some 100 000 participants it is the biggest one-day public event in Finland. Find your own village of interest on a map application at before the event and plan your route!
In Häme there will be 13.6.2020 about 40 open villages, where you can choose your favorite village events.

Open Villages Day website

13.6.2020 Lammi Linen market
In Lammi is organized yearly one day event, the Linen market, “pellavamarkkinat”. In the program includes for example opening parade, field games and art exhibition.

Lammi linen market website

24.-28.6.2020 NBCh Ypäjä, 47. Hankkija Finderby 2020

In Ypäjä is organized Nordic Baltic Championships in dressage, show jumping and para dressage.

NBCh Ypäjä website

26.-27.6.2020 Musica Kalevi Aho
Musica Kalevi Aho is a chamber music festival organized in Forssa.

Musica Kalevi Aho website

26-28.6.2020 Janakkala Baroque

Three Days of Early Music Festival June 26 – 28, 2020, conducted by the Helsinki Baroque Orchestra. Church concerts at St. Lawrence Church, folk music evening with an evening snack in the idyllic Yellow House of Laurinmäki and Children’s own Baroque event on Sunday 28.6. Tickets will be available on Ticketmaster, Janakkala library and on arrival.

Janakkala baroque website

1-4.7.2020 Hauho music festivals

Is a chamber music festival in Finland, located in Häme region.

Founded in 2002 the festival has earned its place among the top festivals of Finland offering interesting program in the beginning of July. Concerts take place in old churches and other historical surroundings around the city of Hämeenlinna, and naturally in our home for the week, Hahkiala Manor.

In addition to the culinary delicacies before and after concerts, the Hahkiala Manor also offers high-quality accommodation for the festival guests at nearby Hahkialan Uiskola.

Hauho music festivals website

3.-4.7. 2020 Wanaja Festival

Wanaja Festival brings the biggest names in Finnish pop and rock music to Hämeenlinna on the fisrt weekend of July. Wanaja Festival is praised for its venue, atmosphere and performers. The event is organized for the 17th time and it’s attended by nearly 20 000 visitors. Wanaja Festival is for all ages, only restaurant areas and VIP areas have an age limit of 18 years. Wanaja Festivals has an inexpensive day pass for children.

Wanaja Festival website

5.7.2020 Poikkea meille!

Poikkea meille! –open houses event welcomes you to visit some of the loveliest private homes and gardens of Häme.

Poikkea meille! -event offers a chance for anyone to showcase their home for visitors. Locals can proudly introduce their idyllic houses, beautiful gardens or unique interior decoration. They will also host variety of activities from meeting interesting pets to enjoying the local flavors at small pop-up coffee shops.

The content and schedule of the event will be specified during the spring.

Poikkea meille! website

11.7.2020 Open Farms Festival – Taste of Häme!  in the Häme Countryside

The Open farms festival offers a great opportunity to go around the Häme region countryside, visit different farms, learn about rural life and shop locally. The farms that invite to visit is a mix of agricultural, food producers, major houses and local artisans. The Open farms festival invite you to spend a memorable summer day in the beautiful Häme countryside. Welcome!  The content and schedule of the event will be specified during the spring.

Open Farms website

18.7.2020 Bella Italia

Bella Italia is yearly organized Italian car design exhibition event. It takes place in the garden of Mustiala’s manor.

Bella Italia website

31.7-1.8.2020 Holjat Forssa

Holjat is a relaxed festival held at Forssa located in the middle of southern Finland. The two-day festival gathers people from close by and from further to Forssa marketplace traditionally on the first weekend of August. Holjat is made of two parts each day; day event and evening event. During the evenings the festival will transform to a music festival with some of the leading artists of Finland on the stage.

Holjat website

8-12.7.2020 Linna Jazz Festival
Linna Jazz Festival is an annual musical event which fills the town of Hämeenlinna with jazz and rhythm music in the middle of July. Big open-air concerts and intimate club gigs feature a selection of best bands of the Finnish jazz scene, rising talents and international guest stars. With outstanding performers, many free concerts and moderate ticket prices, the Linna Jazz Fest invites music lovers to come and stay in Hämeenlinna for more than one night.

Linna Jazz website

1-2.8.2020 Hakkapeliitta

Hakkapeliitta is a unique event, where you are taken to the 17th century. This two-day event is organized in Mustiala.  Visitors can buy products made in the traditional way. During the weekend you can hear and see music and dance performances, visit the soldiers camp and enjoy traditional dinner from the 17th century, where you use only your fingers when eating. In the event is taking part also the king Kustaa II Adolf himself!

Hakkapeliitta website

2.8.2020 Pick-Nick Forssa

Pick-Nick is one of the biggest one-day car show in Northern Europe! 2 500 cars in show area, hundreds of motorcycles and 30 000 visitors in one day!

Pick-Nick website

7-9.8.2020 Linna cruising Hämeenlinna

In Hämeenlinna, Kantola event park, is organized vehicle event for hobbyist and people who are interested about old vehicles. During the three days event you can enjoy a Drive-In movie, live-music, traditional cruising day. In the Kantola area there are also marketplace, street food and next to the lake shore you can see boat shows.

Linna Cruising website

8-9.8.2020 Elomessut Hämeenlinna

Elomessut is a fair event for different companies, associations, organizations and artisans. Visitors can enjoy different program and activities in the event. The event will take place in the Verkatehdas area, in Hämeenlinna. To the event is free entrance.

Elomessut website

10-16.8.2020 Häme Medieval Festival

Häme Medieval Festival is the biggest historical festival in Finland and one of the well-known events in Häme area. In 2019 there was a record of 28 500 visitors. Small event had grown as a remarkable festival changing the surroundings of the castle as a colorful one-week-trip to the medieval times in every August.

This year the theme is Magic and Myths. The week includes the medieval mass, fire tournament, tavern and performers, Viking and buhurt combats as well as animal friends and the area for children. For a full medieval experience there is all kinds of program luring also international visitors. There will be also several hundred campers who arrive often already on Wednesday to enjoy the medieval atmosphere until Sunday evening.

Performers and market sellers bring internationality to the event, many arrive from Eastern European countries as well as all over Europe. Spectacular view of the castle and the medieval music on the background, the medieval market area and workshops create an overall experience that is difficult to achieve anywhere else. Smells and sounds of the alley of blacksmiths, soap makers, dyers of yarns, medieval weapons are all there to see and experience.

Medieval Festival website

24-30.8.2020 Forssa International Silent Film Festival


All movies will be shown at Forssan Elävienkuvien teatteri. Founded in 1906, the theater combines history with modern comforts (77 comfortable seats, toilets). In addition to modern films, engine room has capability of showing 35 mm film reels.

Forssa’s 21st International Silent Film Festival: “Silent films from the land of the rising sun.” Once again we have found a magnificent programme from around the world, and a very fitting one for this year’s theme. As in previous years the films will be accompanied by experienced musicians.

Silent Film Festival website

26-27.9.2020 Poronpolku

Poronpolku is a beautiful hiking trail in Loppi, near Räyskälä sports aviation center. Every year in September there will be two-day event, where you can bike or hike in the Poronpolku trails. There will be no timing, this event is for fun, relaxing and time together.

First day is for mountain bikers, who can choose from 5 km, 13 km, 18 km, 24 km, 30 or 55 km trail.

The hiking event is next day, and visitors can choose from 3 km, 11 km, 16 km, 22 km or 28 km trail. Poronpolku is suitable for all ages. At the trail there are nice program and activities for the children. There will be also the possibility to buy some food during the hiking.

Poronpolku website