Rehakka and Irjala villages are born around estates of the same name in the form of a crofter settlement. There are about 80 residents at the moment, but there is strength and power in the small village. Awesome aspects are the peace of the countryside and  the closeness of nature. The village has a central location close to everything, but the living space is wide. Village attractions are Rehakan Rivieera Beach, Unikonlinna hillfort, Isonpiirinkallio Rock and Pauninmaa Nature Site. During the summer, dances are held at the barn attic of Löyttyniemi. In 2004, the village book “Veri vetää Rehakkaan” was published. Every year, the traditional Little Christmas Party is celebrated in Willa Göös. Almost 40 villagers are always present.

Nature site Pauninmaa

The terrains of Pauninmaa provide a great setting for a variety of nature-themed experiences year-round on order. Dark and winter events open to the public.


Unikonlinna is a protected possible ancient hillfort. A forest path leaves from Rehankantie to Unikonlinna, there is no actual parking lot. The cliff in the middle of the forest surprises a first-timer.