Rastila village is a stone’s throw away from centre of Turenki as well as Helsinki – Tampere motorway. Next door runs a ridge offering stunning outdoor opportunities. The centre of Rastila is the village house, where the village association holds meetings and organises other events. The village house is also rented out to outsiders for parties and events.


Along with the Suurisuo, Raimansuo is another natural and protected bog in Janakkala. Raimansuo belongs to the Natura network. The bog is located between the ridges on the Janakkala and Hämeenlinna, and next to it are the beautiful ponds Likolampi and Sälilampi. A trail and duckboards runs across the swamp, the terrain is mostly very wet. A hiker who wish for a longer route can hike into the swamp through the Kalpalinnan-Annakkatorni ridges and continue from the swamp to Hämeenlinna.