Welcome to Nummenkylä!

Nummenkylä is an active village along the historic Ox Road, in a beautiful rural landscape.

Nummenkylä ry invites you to events and summer café at the village house! The village house has activities throughout the year for craftsmen and sports lovers alike. In the winter season, once a month soup lunch is served to the entire village. On Epiphany, when the Ox Road is illuminated by outdoor fires and candles, we keep the cafe open to passers-by. The summer cafeteria run by the village’s youth serves visitors near and far in the summer during the school holiday period. The village house can also be rented out for private events. Follow events in Nummenkylä on our Facebook page.

You can take a dip in the refreshing waves of Lake Pursunjärvi at the beach next to the village house, also well suited for families with children.

Explore the Nummenkylä route on the Citynomadi service.

Check out the videos on Nummenkylä youtube channel.

Come to the village!