Digitrail Forest yoga asanas

Lynx and Bear

In this exercise, two asanas are combined into a gentle warm-up for the back. Lean back against a tree. Breathe slowly and calmly for a while, letting your back and the back of your head press against the tree. Feel relaxed and comfortable. Slide your hands onto your knees and let your back loosen from the tree. Keep your behind against the tree. When inhaling, lift your chest and the top of your head towards the sky, and when exhaling, press your lower back towards the tree trunk, rounding your spine and drawing your chin to your chest. Continue calmly at the pace of your own breathing.


Forest Arc

Stand an arm’s length away from a tree with one side turned towards it. Place your hand on the tree trunk, slightly below your shoulder line. As you inhale, bring your outer arm up towards the tree along your side. Feel the stretch in your side. Keep breathing and open your chest and side towards the sky. Feel how the arc of your side opens when you inhale, and how the asana relaxes when you exhale.

This can be alternated with the Heath Forest Snake.


A Fox Looking down

Stand facing the tree. Place your hands on the tree at waist height and lean forward. Your pelvis should be pushed back and your back straight like the surface of a table. You can step back a little if you want. Think about how long your sides, back and arms are. Feel the stretch at the back of your thighs, too. Breathe slowly and calmly, lengthening your body. Support your lower back by pulling your abdomen inwards and upwards.

You can alternate this with the Fox Looking up.


Three-Legged Fox

Position yourself in the Fox Looking down asana. Place your weight on one foot while keeping your pelvis centred. As you inhale, extend one leg far back. Imagine a long line between your heel and the tree. Keep your pelvis aligned. Feel the stretch from the sole of your foot to your fingertips. Repeat the same standing on your other foot.


Fox Looking up

Stand facing a tree and place your hands on the tree trunk. Press yourself closer to the tree, letting your abdomen and chest press against the tree trunk. Let your heels lift naturally off the ground. The closer you stand to the tree, the gentler the position is on your back. Press your shoulders down and lift your eyes towards the top of the tree, opening your chest towards the sky.


Heath Forest Snake

Stand with your side facing the tree, and place your hand on the tree trunk at shoulder level. Bring your other hand onto the tree trunk past your body for support. Slide the hand, which is on the side of the tree trunk, upwards, pressing your pelvis and side against the tree. On the side of the tree trunk, feel the stretch in your side, underarm and side of your pelvis. Relax your shoulders and take slow and deep breaths. You can combine this with the Forest Arc.


A Door into the Forest

Stand facing the tree, and place both of your hands on the tree trunk. Keep your pelvis directed towards the tree throughout the whole exercise. As you inhale, open your chest to the side and bring the other arm far back along your side. As you exhale, return your hand back onto the tree trunk. Repeat on the other side. Keep your shoulders relaxed and stretch your arm only as far as you can while breathing freely.


A Tree

Stand with your side towards the tree and place your hand on the tree trunk. Momentarily close your eyes. Feel how roots grow from your feet into the ground, and you are standing firmly. Rotate your outside knee open to the side. You can leave the ball of your foot down and support yourself by pressing your heel against the ankle of the leg you are standing on. You can also lift the sole of your foot against the calf of the leg you are standing on. Lift your pelvic floor up, taking care that the pelvis does not collapse towards the tree. If you want, you can remove your hand from the tree and bring both hands in front of your chest, pressing the palms together.


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