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Biking routes in Hämeenlinna 

The maps introduce the most popular routes for cycling in the city of Hämeenlinna. They provide 360° panoramic images and information about the spots and attractions along the routes. It is possible to view them beforehand or along the way. All the routes are easy and cyclable with a basic bicycle. Most of the road is flat, there are only couple of hills (Aulanko Nature Reserve, Culture and Olympic Park)Enjoy your time in Hämeenlinna by cycling! 

Biking routes in Hämeenlinna

Vanajavesi beach route

Vanajavesi lake shore route is one of the most popular outdoors routes in Hämeenlinna, and for a good reason. The route passes by the picturesque shore of lake Vanajavesi and provides the views where the mind rests. There are many resting and swimming spots along the route.  It is also possible to grill some sausages by the campfire. This easygoing and favored route starts from the center passing through the Häme Castle and Aulanko all the way to the shore of Verkatehdas 

Aulanko Nature Reserve

The nature trail of Aulanko goes through breathtakingly beautiful scenery of Aulanko Nature Reserve which is one of the most visited hiking destinations of South Finland. There are located many historical attractions along the route such as the lookout tower of Aulanko (and café Tornikahvila), Lucky Temple, Rose Valley Pavilion and many more. Other recommendable spots are Varikonniemi ancient relic area and Aulanko Outdoor Recreation Centre with café and swimming possibility, and a hut with grill. In the summertime beach of the lake Aulanko here is one of the spots to borrow a city boat. The city boat can be borrowed by anyone freely and for free from the marked beaches. After use, the boat is returned to the same place. The starting and ending point are both in Hämeenlinna railway station. It is possible to choose route one or two or combine them to one longer trip.  

The Middle Ages and beach life in the city

The route starts at Hämeenlinna Market Square from where the atmosphere of Middle Ages is just a stone’s throw away. Häme Castle and beautiful surrounding city park area provide museums, the history of the castle and many places to have a lunch or coffee. There are many playground spots and mini golf green as well. The route by the shore of lake Vanajavesi takes quickly to another world, to the beach of swimming hall. In addition to swimming the area provides other leisure time activities such as outside exercise equipment and basketball field. At South Beach Wake it is possible to wakeboard and SUP among other watersports. In the summertime the beach is one of the places to borrow a city boat. The city boat can be borrowed freely and for free from the marked beaches by anyone in HämeenlinnaAfter use, the boat is returned to the same place. More information (in Finnish) https://www.hameenlinna.fi/tiedotteet/kaupunkiveneet-kayttoon-toukokuun-aikana/In summertime beach restaurant Virveli you can enjoy beverages and meals at the end of the route. 

Culture and Olympic Park

For the start, the route introduces culture in the city center. The museums of the city are closely located to each other such as city museum Skogster and composer Sibelius’s childhood home museum. After the culture round, it is easy to get to the beach of the Olympic park for relaxation. Lake Ahvenistonjärvi and the outdoor swimming pool amidst the area are very popular and have established their place as the summer resort of Hämeenlinna residentsInstead of relaxing you can also head to the adventure park Flowpark Ahvenisto for climbing on the ropes at the top of the trees.