Leppäkoski is a village of about 500 inhabitants with its own school. Through the village flows the Puujoki river, along which you can reach lake Vanajavesi.

The most famous inhabitants of Janakkala in Finnish history are from Leppäkoski. Uno Cygnaeus lived his childhood in the Leppäkoski estate, owned by his father. 47 years later, in a side building of the same estate, actress legend Ida Aalberg was born. The trackmaster’s house, which the Ahlberg family later moved to, now serves as the Ida Aalberg Museum.

Like the rest of Janakkala, Leppäkoski’s history also includes estates. In addition to Leppäkoski Manor, the Baroque-style Vanantaan Manor and the Sipilä Farm, whose personal and handsome buildings were made with bricks from their own factory.

Leppäkoski’s most personal period is associated with brick. The clay-rich land and the railway line through Leppäkoski from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna which was completed in 1862, gave rise to a thriving brick industry in the area, of which a brick factory pipe still stands in memory at the village.

Voiman Talo

House is rented for various occasions, the hall has room for about 100 people, in addition to coffee room for about 20 people. The coffee room can be rented separately. Kitchen with large cold room, dishwasher and dishes for about 100 people. Sauna facilities which can also be rented separately.

Iida Aalberg Museum

The Leppäkoski Trackmaster’s house is a rarity among railway buildings. It was built during the first phase of the oldest track and track master Antti Ahlberg lived in the house as early as 1862. He was the father of the future great diva, actress Ida Aalberg. The building has housed the Ida Aalberg Museum since 1976. The museum is open during the summer and to order.

Rahitunlampi ja Rahitunmäki

Rahitunlampi is a funnel pond deep under the armpit of the ridges and its water is firmly connected to the aquifer of the ridge. The pond has a beach maintained by the municipality. Rahitunlampi is surrounded by fine ridge terrain with beautiful trails to the Linnamäki pasque flowers or Kukonnokka jumping rink, which opens up to the awesome scenery.


Stunning views of the Häme landscape opens from the cliff. There are several routes to ascending the cliff, a steep slope path, or a more flaky approach from the “back”. The bonfire celebration on the banks of the Puujoki river is a tradition of decades. The Leppäkoski Village Society and the Women´s Division of Leppäkosken Voima are responsible for the arrangements.