Kiipula village

Kiipula village is best known for its education and rehabilitation centre in the village, Kiipula. The area still contains the old, beautiful main building Kustaanhovi, which today serves as a banquet and meeting space.

The history of Kiipula connects strongly to Wilhelmiina and Kustaa Kiipula’s life work. They kept a successful farm, but bequeathed their fortune to work resisting tuberculosis when their own daughter, Alma Kiipula, died of pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of 38 in 1907. The two sons of the farm had died earlier and there was no continuator to replace it.

The activities that began with the will expanded into educational and rehabilitation activities.

Kiipula is still a small village: employees at the main site of the Kiipula Centre are approximately 200 and daily number of clients (students and rehabilitators) 400 to 500.

Kiipula is a producer of societal good. The basic task is the organization of vocational special education and rehabilitation. The complex includes Kiipula Vocational College, Kiipula Business Services, Kiipula Gardens and Kiipula Guest House. Rehabilitation services are carried out in turn by Avire Oy.


Set in a ridge landscape, the hut is an atmospheric and peaceful break place for 15 people. You can enjoy sausage roast and campfire coffee at the hut even in winter time. Hut has an outdoor toilet.

The use of the hut requires a reservation to be made. Reservations: business services (at)

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Jussi’s lean-to

There is a spectacular resting place atop Matinvuori, which opens out to breathless country scenery. Lean-to has room for a group of about 30 people. Campfire coffees and sausage frying are possible year-round. The lean-to has an outdoor toilet.

The use of lean-to requires making a reservation. Reservations: business services (at)

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Kiipula Gardens ja Miinantori

Kiipula Gardens is a commercial educational garden. We grow flowers and vegetables in a greenhouse.
In the open, we produce organic vegetables, berries and fruits.
Our products can be purchased all year round from Kiipula from Miinantori which is a store centrally located next to Kiipulantie.

Welcome to organic and local grocery shopping at Miinantori!