Sustainable design from Iittala


Recycling is the word of the day, also at the Iittala Glass Factory, the only glass factory in Finland and the biggest glass factory in the Nordic countries. In 2019, the Iittala Glass Factory was one of the world’s first industrial manufacturers to create tumblers solely from waste glass.

Recycled glass saves both energy and natural resources. Waste glass is produced for example during the post-processing of mouth-blown glass. At the Iittala Glass Factory, all waste glass is reused or recycled.

Iittala introduces a design collection made solely of 100 % recycled waste glass

The story of the items made of recycled glass continues in the autumn 2020 when Iittala will introduce a new special edition collection made entirely of waste glass from the Iittala Glass Factory. The limited edition collection will include iconic designs such as the Aalto vase, the Aalto tealight candleholder, the Kastehelmi tumbler, the Kastehelmi tealight candleholder, and the Raami tumbler. Each object is unique and as durable and high quality as those made of virgin material.

Iittala’s long-term goal is to recover or recycle all waste from its operations, from manufacturing to retail and offices. Already today, all the waste at the glass factory is 100 % recycled and no landfill waste is generated.  The glass factory has also improved the energy efficiency of glass furnaces, which has significantly reduced emissions. The electricity used at the factory comes from renewable sources and the production of electricity does not cause CO2 emissions. People are not forgotten either, for example good indoor air and job rotation are important things.

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In the Iittala Outlet, the visitor is pleasantly surprised by the Vintage-service. The hugely popular service offers the opportunity to bring unnecessary Iittala or Arabia tableware for sale and delights the visitors who find a supplement to their tableware.

Take a trip to Iittala Village

Sustainability is an important value in the whole Iittala Village that is a great destination for a day trip. Many of the products in the handicraft shops are made of recycled and natural materials. The visitor also has the opportunity to see artisans at work, most of the products are made on the spot. The restaurant serves local food and you can also enjoy handmade delicacies from a local chocolate factory.

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Text: Jaana Eriksson / Fiskars Group Photos: Fiskars Group