Hyvikkälä is an active village for people enjoying the great outdoors. There are plenty of jogging and riding terrain and the Hyvikkälänjoki river, which flows through the village, is part of the Janakkala Canoeing Route. There is also a village common beach.

The atmospheric VPK house is a gathering place for the entire village. There is a sports field near it and a lean-to serving a bigger group at once. The village association organises a variety of events each year. In the summer, volleyball is played on the village field.

Janakkalan Hyvikkälä is an old village of which there are records from as early as the 15th century. A “swordsman of Janakkala”, buried around the year 1300, was discovered from Hyvikkälä.

The Jovikkälä Trade Museum, a nostalgic gas station, a café and a factory store are located in the yard of the former school in Hyvikkälä. Artifacts and products can be found in the museum’s stately collection from the early 20th century until the 1970s.