Kotipirtti is the nearly 100-year-old village house in Haminankylä. The village house hosts evenings, concerts and open door days, and is the base for various fitness and camp events.  The house has been thoroughly restored as a meeting and banquet space. The small room seats 10-15 people and the hall 50-120 people. Good yard lighting and accessibility make it easier to move around. Water activities can be enjoyed in nearby Lake Mommilanjärvi.

In the summer, Haminankylä will host the rowing event “Mommilanjärven soutelu”, in the summer of 2019 already for the 30th time. Between 500 and 1300 attendees have visited the event each year, plus the same number of spectators. The event has been the largest summer event in Hausjärvi and is well known throughout the region and even wider.