Frisbeegolf at Häme

Frisbeegolf is the most excellent activity. You can go to throw the disck alone, together with your friends or take the whole family along. A first-timer needs nothing more than a disck and enthusiasm for his journey.


Discks are not an expensive purchase, which makes frisbee golf an accessible sport for everyone. Discs can be found in many markets such as Prisma and K-citymarket. You can either buy a disck package or get your discs individually. Especially when purchasing a disk individually, it is worth finding out what kind of disk you need for your use. Starter packages of three discs are often available for beginners, which makes diving into the sport easy!

Frisbee golf can be played casually among disc skaters of very different levels. Frisbee golf courses can be found with different course classifications that describe the challenge of Frisbee golf.  The tracks are classified into racing tracks, amateur tracks, beginner tracks and school tracks. The ratings give an indication of the type of track, but every enthusiast is welcome on all tracks as a disc skater at the level they are, and this is where the finesse of the sport lies. Go out with the kids or even take the grandparents along!


There are several frisbee golf courses in Häme in different categories:


  • Hämeenlinna frisbee golf course, 18 fairways 
  • Renko frisbee golf course, 12 fairways
  • Hauho frisbee golf course 6 fairways
  • Kiipula Foundation’s frisbee golf course, 18 fairways
  • Hattula MultiGolfPark, 9 fairways
  • Hunnari DiscGolfPark, 18 fairways
  • Ypäjä DiscGolfPark, 9 fairways
  • Eerikkilä DiscGolfPark, 18 fairways 
  • Humppila DiscGolfPark, 9 fairways
  • Jokioinen DiscGolfPark, 18 fairways
  • Fireman’s park DiscGolfPark, 5 fairways
  • Loppi DiscGolfPark, 18 fairways
  • Ykslammi DiscGolfPark, 18 fairways

You can learn more about frisbeegolf courses from here. You can read more about activities from the Visit Häme website. Grab the disk, take a friend with you and head towards the frisbee golf course in Häme!