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A day trip in Forssa National Urban Park

In Häme, you can admire nature in the middle of the city, and you don’t always have to go far to the country to enjoy the green nature. There are two national urban parks in Häme; Hämeenlinna and Forssa. Forssa National Urban Park was established by a decision of the Ministry of the Environment in 2015 and it is a great day trip destination for all ages. You can hike and explore the whole area or choose the destinations that interest you the most.

Forssa National Urban Park is located in the Loimijoki valley and by the ridge that borders it. In the area you can admire lush parks, forest and agricultural landscapes, old village surroundings, and the history of industrial and residential construction. Parks and gardens have formed around the red-brick industrial buildings, and around workers’ residential areas, managers’ villas and local services.

Forssan kansallinen kaupunkipuisto Kehräämöalue ja Loimijoki

The Spinning Mill area is the heart of Forssa.

Old industrial buildings have found a new use

The spinning mill area is the heart of Forssa, from which the industrial city once developed. The red-brick spinning mill established on the shores of the white-water rapids is now a hub of culture and education. In the area, you can also visit the Forssa Museum or the Nature Museum or just take a break on the Piipputerassi restaurant terrace to enjoy the unique surroundings.

About a kilometre from the spinning mill is Kutomo weaving mill. The red-brick buildings in the old Kutomo area are still full of life today. The area has a grocery store, a wellness and sports centre, several speciality shops and, of course, Rykkeri, where you can get acquainted with a unique Finnish fabric printing process. Before visiting, you can learn about the history and buildings of the weaving mill area, as well as today’s entrepreneurs at the Forssa Museum’s “Kutomo elää!” pages.

From one magnificent park to another

Viksberg Manor Park is probably the oldest park area in Forssa and many old tree species remain there. It is worth hiking in the manor park, especially in late spring and early summer, when you can enjoy the skilfully singing bird species.

Surrounded by old lace villas, the Company Park charms with its old linden trees and park avenues. You can sit on a beautiful old park bench or relax by the river in the pavilion.

The riverbank is followed by the beautiful Central Park with its linden trees, forest oaks and elms. At the edge of the forest you can enjoy a picnic in the lean-to shed and play on the adjacent football field.

In the heart of the city and yet in the middle of nature

In the area of Uusikylä you can walk along the riverbank and admire old wooden houses. The city centre is directly adjacent and it is worthwhile to pop into local shops or for a coffee.

The market square is a popular place to visit, with sellers arriving at the market with local produce three times a week; on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On summer Saturdays, live music is available in the market square pavilion. The adjacent lush Ankkalamminpuisto park is an oasis in the centre. In the park, summer and perennial flowering plants, trees and shrubs grow around the pond. The youngest members of the family can enjoy the playground and the parents can rest on the park bench admiring the surrounding plantations and the swan living in the pond.

Areas with old wooden houses

Ronttismäki, or also known as the Kalliomäki area, presents the historical living environment of factory workers. The Ronttismäki Factory Worker’s Museum is also located in the old, beautiful wooden house area, where you can visit the workshops of a carpenter, shoemaker and tailor who worked in the area.

In Rantalanmäki and Rantapuisto, as well as in the Yliskylä area, you can admire the old, idyllic wooden houses in the midst of newer buildings. The brick framed Vieremä mill also represents the old building stock, and its roaring rapids are a popular fishing spot.

A wide range of activities for a day trip

In Talsoilanpuisto Park you can play both frisbee golf and mini golf. Nearby there is a sandy field, where you can play ball or yard games in the summer and skate in the winter.

Forssan kansallinen kaupunkipuisto melonta Loimijoella

Forssa National Urban Park can also be explored by paddling along the Loimijoki River.

You can take a dip in the Mäkilammi ponds and enjoy frisbee golf on the racetrack on the adjacent Hunnari ridge. You can also jog or hike in the area, enjoy a snack in the lean-to shed or explore the forest trails while admiring the ridge landscapes. In the winter, the ridge offers great sledging runs. You can also admire the ridge landscapes on the forest paths of Harjuselänne Park.

You can swim and play sports at Linikkalanlammi. The most popular recreational area in the summer offers great jogging terrain, fitness opportunities, a sports field, basketball and football courts, and tennis courts. The beach has a diving board and in winter it is possible to go and dip in the cold water through a hole in the ice.

At Loimalammi you will soon be able to climb a new bird watching tower to observe rare birds. On the adjacent Salmistonmäki you can get acquainted with rare plants, such as Maiden pink, and spot up to 27 different butterfly species.

Forssa National Urban Park is full of sights, things to do and unique places to visit. Take a peek at the map of the national urban park, choose your favourite destinations and spend an unforgettable day in Forssa!